Valerie Manor Counselling and Reflection Sessions

For over two years now Lynn Bertram has been visiting Valerie Manor on a regular basis to provide reflection and counselling sessions for not only our staff but relatives too.

We realise that the role of caring within a nursing home is not only physically demanding but also emotionally difficult at times. This can be when someone passes away or when there has been something significant that has an impact on the staff at different times in their lives.

Lynn adapts her sessions depending on the needs of the individual, group or circumstance that has prompted us to contact her.

There is such an emphasis on people’s physical health and well-being however the emotional and mental well-being of staff in the workplace we feel is not recognised enough and so pride ourselves in being able to offer the service and support that Lynn provides.

There is always positive feedback from staff following Lynn’s sessions, staff say they feel they are in a safe and confidential environment to talk openly about how they feel. Staff often say how much the session has benefited them and how easy Lynn is to talk to either on a 1-1 or in a group.

We continue to arrange sessions on an ad hoc basis as we know how much these benefit those who attend and in turn the residents for whom they care for.

As a business we feel that this helps with our staff retention, being part of the National Care Team of 2015 and our low levels of staff sickness.