July Activities Summary

Hello everyone…yes I am back after a few weeks absence due to a medical procedure and holiday !

John and I enjoyed a lovely relaxing week on P & O Britannia visiting the Norwegian Fiords…absolutely beautiful.

Back to business now !

It was lovely to join everyone at the Queen’s Birthday Celebration at Valerie Manor…as ever everyone worked so very hard to give Residents, Families and Friends a lovely time.  The successful Rabbit Hole Club was another lovely get together….Bud Flanagan’s Run Rabbit being the theme song followed by a rendition of Happy Birthday and presentation of Cake for Alan’s lovely mum Pat.  Once again the family feel of Valerie Manor to the fore.

Back exercising from our chairs and having a Reminiscence Session of years gone by…..we started talking about favourite holiday destinations…The Scilly Isles, Jamaica…one Residents first trip abroad was enjoyed in Malta.

Caravanning in Norfolk was a favourite.   However the places most mentioned were Devon and Cornwall…the memories started flooding back of one lovely lady being on holiday in Treyarnon Bay near Padstow with her parents and 2 siblings when War was declared….her Father returned home and left the family for a further 6 weeks in North Cornwall.  Apparently the children enjoyed surfing and crawled under a wire fence that was erected along the beach to do just that !  The same lady wanted to join the Wrens but at 16 was too young and had to wait until she was 18….she then worked in a tunnel underneath Portsmouth on Signal Duty….this continued for 4 years !

I just love listening to these shared memories and the smiles on faces when they are being recalled.

IMG_2198 IMG_2220See you next time