Welcome Chloe!

IMG_2378I would like to introduce Chloe to you who started to volunteer with us some weeks ago. I worked with Chloe’s father, Dr Sanjeev Patel when I became a manager at Epsom and St Helier Hospital. Sanjeev took me under his wing as being a nurse for several years then becoming a manager in the NHS was a challenge which I found extremely difficult. Sanjeev was kind and patient and I think his daughter has the very same qualities.

I was delighted when Chloe got in contact with me to ask if she could volunteer during the Summer months. As soon as Chloe arrived she was such a delight to have here. Even the residents were fighting over who she would sit with at lunch as she generates so much conversation and always has a smile on her face so brightens up their day.

We are taking part in the hydration project and once again Chloe came forward with lots of ideas and even suggested organising a Garden party for our residents. She has worked with the residents and staff and facilitated the whole event which she should be really proud of.

It has been a honour to have Chloe visiting Valerie Manor over the Summer months and it means so much to see how much the younger generation can have such a positive impact by visiting and spending time with our residents.

Here is what Chloe has to say……..

‘Hi, I’m Chloe. I am a new (ish) volunteer at Valerie Manor. I am currently trying to get into Graduate Entry Medicine for which I thought I would get some experience. I’m studying for my entry exams at the moment and I have found coming to the home to be a great stress reliever and morale booster. I feel inspired in my choice every time I come here and have loved meeting the amazing residents and staff. It’s the highlight of my week. Our garden party next week will hopefully be a nice chance to enjoy the sun and say a temporary farewell before I leave for my exams. Thank you for your support!’