Welcome to our new PAT dog Archie and of course Amy!

You may recall that we recently had to say ‘goodbye’ to Derrie who brought her PAT (Pet’s as Therapy) Dog Lola along to Valerie Manor for several years.

IMG_2389IMG_2387IMG_2418IMG_2402The residents loved their regular visits and so we are extremely pleased to introduce Amy and her beautiful Golden Retriever Archie.

Archie is 8 years old and as you would expect has a lovely temperament, both Amy & Archie visiting this week to introduce themselves and they received a warm welcome from the residents. They will be visiting most Wednesday’s at around 15:30 for those residents who have asked to be involved either in their rooms or in a communal area.

You will see from the pictures that both Amy & Archie gathered quite a crowd sitting outside on the patio and Archie helped clear up any spilt choc ices!

A big thank you to Amy & Archie for taking the time to visit us.