Simon and Obama

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As you may know at our monthly residents meeting we update the residents with all emails and letters received from people / organisations offering different types of activities or entertainment and let them decide which ones they’d like to try.

A little while ago we received contact from Simon offering our residents the chance to experience a pony and trap ride, without the need for wheelchair users to leave their wheelchairs, at the next residents meeting we discussed this with the residents and it was a resounding YES!

Simon visited Valerie Manor this week and introduced his Pony Obama to us. Simon explained that initially he wanted to show our residents how safe it was and liked to do the first ’taster’ session in a familiar location to ensure all users enjoyed their first experience. Three residents took turns up and down the car park and thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as did the staff).

We are hoping to plan other trips next year and have asked the residents for their thoughts.

A Huge thank you to Simon & Obama.

If you’d like to find out more about what they do please visited their website: –