December Summary!!

I would like to wish everybody a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year

Wow what a busy December everybody had..made a little more hectic by the Bates and Fry families ‘event of the year !’

Those of you who know Zoe would realise that she had a Spread Sheet from the word go !!! It is the only way she is able to run the home and her and Alan’s lives !!  We even presented her with an ’I Love Spread Sheets Mug’

The run up was extremely hectic and exciting made even more so by being able to share most of the proceedings with Residents and Staff.  My lovely group who exercise and chat with me on Mondays shared and followed the story of my frock !  It did not matter who knew about the colour, style, material of my outfit.  Every week we discussed the progress of my fittings, trying to get correct material, shoes, handbag and not to forget the Fascinator !!!    The lovely Residents and staff shared everything and advised me…a person who knew nothing about dressmaking and would rather buy a new shirt than sew a button on ! Regarding the chats with my Residential Ladies it was like receiving advice from a few surrogate mums….it was lovely to share their thoughts and excitement.

The big day arrived….I was invited by Zoe to travel with her and John in the Vintage Car…quite an honour….our girl looked AMAZING…a true Fairy Princess.  I was so proud to see her being escorted down the aisle by John being followed by another beautiful young lady…Sally-Ann…our Grandsons and our Son….our little Grandaughter at only 4 months old not around but instead being fed by Mummy in the Car Park !

Alan’s face was a picture when he saw his beautiful Bride…..oh he looked great too !!…..(sorry Alan !)

It was lovely to see so many Residents and Family’s join all of our families and friends for this wonderful occasion….even the sun shone which enabled the couple to fulfil their dreams in traveling to Wiston House in a Carriage driven by Horses….lovely day, lovely couple, beautiful memories…thank  you for sharing it all with us.

A lovely time was enjoyed and shared by everyone….ending up with another ‘Reception’ just before Christmas at Valerie Manor where Zoe and Alan wore their attire again….

(I do not want to see a piece of Wedding Cake or Mince Pie for a while…I want to see my feet !)

Back to business…after some of my lovely Let’s Dance Adults entertained at Valerie Manor (they have been doing this at Christmas ever since Zoe opened Valerie Manor and say it is the start of their Christmas too !)

A favourite of mine, that both Zoe and Sally-Ann have performed for me, was The Lambeth Walk…dressed as Pearly Queens my ladies performed for the Residents…it was such fun that I taught my Monday Ladies and Gentlemen the dance from their chairs the next time I saw them…a real laugh !

We reminisced about favourite Christmas ‘tipples’….Ale, Whiskey, Baileys, Mackeson (my Nanna drank that) Brandy, Sherry, Champagne, Pimms champagne, Cherries in Champagne, Port and Brandy .  One Resident said that when she was a young girl a ‘treat’ at Christmas was to be given a ‘Snowball’ to drink I think it is Advocaat and Lemonade but she really did not enjoy it !

Favourite Gifts remembored were…a Teddy Bear, a Dolly Pram which was grey with a Dolly in it, a Sewing Machine, a lovely set of Pencils,  a Pony named Beppo shared with a brother,…Carers joined in and a couple of favourites were…an Alian Creature called Elf…and a pair of Roller Skates which were found at 3.00 am in the morning put on to try and took them off to put back in the box for Christmas morning when she loved to skate down a steep hill.

All for now….here is to 2017.

Robin x