9th Anniversary at Valerie Manor – Rabbit Hole Club

What a way to celebrate my 9th year at Valerie Manor – at the Rabbit Hole Club of course!

It was ‘the best yet’ some residents have said which was lovely to hear. Our new head chef Andy organised all the food for us and it went down a treat – we even had oyster shots which some loved and some didn’t like so much! You can see the menu he prepared in the photos and also a picture of my lovely cake that we enjoyed on the night.

I cant quite believe I have owned and managed Valerie Manor for 9 years – although it is hard work and challenging at times it is so very rewarding and still like a dream come true for me to be able to care for some of our older generation. Of course I was supported as always by my family who live locally and attend all events and was presented with balloons, flowers and cards which meant so much to me.

Thank you to everyone who came along and shared the evening with me – we will have to make the 10th anniversary a very special one!

What a treat as well that one of our relatives knitted a rabbit sitting on a hole ready to bring to our club……….this was such a special thing to do and makes me so happy to to be able to share my life with so many lovely residents and their families.