February Activities Summary

Bye Bye February !

Our Monday Exercise Sessions continue to hopefully keep those that attend supple whilst relaxing mind as well as body to the variety of music on offer from Zen Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Sounds of the Sea, Nature’s Harmony  to Tranquillity !

After the Exercising we usually listen to some more popular music….Musicals are usually requested….where we sing-a-long to our favourites.  It never ceases to amaze me how we remember the lyrics from songs from years ago.

We enjoyed chatting about when the Queen ascended the Throne in 1952 making this year her 65th ‘Sapphire’ Anniversary.  Her Coronation was in 1953 and one of our lovely ladies remembering attending as her husband helped with the organisation of the event….she remembers wearing a lovely Gold Chiffon Gown on the day..

As we discuss memories from years gone by another lady remembers working as a Fashion Artist and was requested to produce a Bridal Gown design for Hardy Amis.  She remembers working in Berkeley Square and Farringdon Street.  She also remembered going to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace with her husband who used to be the Chairman on Washington Parish Council….making her own hat for the occasion.

More memories include working at a Hospital in Sackville Road Hove…which is now a block of flats….another of being a Telephonist in the Holborn Telephone Exchange,  working at Green’s Sponge Factory in Hove, being a Librarian in the Public Library in Brighton….nothing to do with working but remembering a father being a dentist and listening outside of the practise door when Laughing Gas was used whilst extracting teeth !

Have you noticed the abundance of Snowdrops this year…Spring is really on it’s way !

Bye for now