March’s Activity Summary


As I write I am looking out over our garden with the beautiful trees in blossom and bees busily collecting their pollen !

So lovely to see the sunshine and seeing so many of our lovely ladies and gentlemen being able to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Valerie Manor either on their own or with relatives or Carers. Claire the gardener and Richard do a wonderful job making the grounds look so neat and tidy.

I think one of the best things offered to Residents at Valerie Manor is choice. I visit weekly and hear Carers asking……’after lunch would you like to go out into the garden, go to you room for a rest or maybe listen to music or watch television’

Also the choice of Menu is great….I must mention what a lovely time we enjoyed on Mother’s Day….the choice of Menu on offer from Chef Andy and his staff was amazing….the way it was presented was certainly restaurant standard not to forget how delicious it all was…I chose Salmon Mousse, Roast Beef and Profiteroles
All lovingly prepared at Valerie Manor !
Must not forget to mention the hard working Staff who served so beautifully getting the correct meal to the right people ! Even those Residents that preferred to eat in their rooms were served with flowers on their tray !
It was lovely seeing Residents, families and staff mingling together…Zoe’s vision once again being fulfilled.

Down to business !
After Exercising we had a chat about our mother’s names….see if you recognise any of them….Doris Bowden Radcliffe, Winifred Mary Moore, Edith Lucy, Wendy Joan, Susan Louise, Gwendoline Maud…remembered as being born in 1895 !
We also had a chat and played Vera Lynn music in honour of her 100th Birthday.

Whilst singing along to the favourites…White Cliffs of Dover and We’ll Meet Again…another memory when one of my favourites was played…A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square…a friend of one of our ladies used to be in broadcasting and her signature tune for her programme was that very song !

I hope you have a lovely Easter…no doubt see some of you over the break.