April Activities Summary…….

Where did April go ?

Seems like only yesterday I was typing the March Blog !

Another wonderful Rabbit Hole Club evening….food amazing as ever….!  A lovely relaxed atmosphere with our ladies, gentlemen and guests.  Reuben and Eddie had a great time helping serve food, napkins and cutlery adding the real family atmosphere to the proceedings.

They were even invited to help Andy bring the Cake in for one of our ladies who celebrated their Birthday on that day….they helped eat it too !

John and I enjoyed a short break in Blackpool the reason being that The Association of American Dancing….that Sally-Ann and I are Members….put on a Gala with 600 pupils !  A real bonus was on the evening we arrived there was a ‘Celebration of Fred Astaire’ show on at the same venue…The Winter Gardens…I was in heaven watching and John really enjoyed it too.

We spent time in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom watching the Tea Dances.

This prompted our Reminiscence Session.  A few of the ladies had visited the Ballroom and remembers the Organ rising from under the stage…it still does !  There are two Organs there…..one higher on a platform which is fixed then after one hour of playing another Organist ascends from under the stage with the famous Organ which has been there for years and then he plays for an hour before handing over to the first Organist.

One of our ladies was stationed at Preston during the war when she was in Service and remembers traveling into Blackpool to dance at the Tower Ballroom….she also remembers visiting Lytham St. Anne’s and traveling on the Tram along the seafront.

Two more subjects came to light…..Trams along Lewes Road Brighton….one of our Carer’s Dad drove a Tram in Belfast…regarding the Organs…memories were of the Organ being played before films were shown at The Astoria and ABC Cinemas….another link….a visitor joined in by telling us she used to be a Box Office Cinema Clerk selling tickets for 1 shilling and 9 pence  and 3 shillings and 6 pence….1/9 and 1/6 for those of us who remember ! How many of you remember half a crown…2/6.   Residents, visitors and carers then all tried to work out the prices today…a shilling would be 12 old pence, the 1/9 would be 21 old pence so in

modern day currency that would be just under nine new pence to buy a ticket to see a film (yes John did help me out with the calculations as 2 and 2 make 5 to me !!)     Phew see you in the Merry Month of May !