June’s Activity Summary

Sorry for the delay but I have not been at the Manor for a couple of weeks !

Very busy with our Show….Let’s Dance a Variety….which raised £3907 for The Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice over three Performances.

We have had our Exercise and chats though on the days I was there…..favourite Films and shows were remembered…..4 Weddings and a Funeral was watched over and over again, Oceans Galore, Phantom of the Opera with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman the latter being remembered being replaced by Clare Moore, The Merry Widow and The Glenn Miller Story were also favourites.

We also remembered Flanagan and Allen who were the front men to The Crazy Gang…..do you remember them ?  Our Rabbit Hole theme tune…Run Rabbit Run is their song !

Whilst chatting about Glenn Miller a lovely reminiscence from one lady who was working for British Caledonia at Gatwick and remembers meeting a very handsome (her words !) Glenn Miller who was wearing an olive green uniform…he was very polite as were other members of his band who he was traveling with.   What a lovely memory to have.

Keep in the shade.  Our lovely Staff are making sure everyone is well watered and cool

See you soon.  John and I are off to Greece for a week…..asking what our ladies and gentlemen would like us to bring back for a nibble on the Monday morning of our return the answer was….Olives….we will be in the Kalamta Area famous for producing big juicy black olives !

See you next time.