Activities Summary July!


Summer Time !

At the time of writing this it is pouring with rain and is really quite chilly and has been so since early this morning !

We have been lucky though with a few days of sunshine over the past month when our ladies and gentlemen not forgetting their guests have been enjoying the lovely outside space at the Manor!

I am sure you would have seen the write-up on the last Rabbit Hole Club which we were lucky to hold outside.  As ever wonderful food, drink and atmosphere with family,  friends and Staff joining us for the event.


John and I enjoyed a lovely week in Greece and as promised brought back some Kalamata Black Olives which we enjoyed with Feta Cheese whilst listening to authentic Greek Music after one of our Monday morning Exercise Sessions.  Reuben (Sally-Ann’s eldest) was with me on that morning and did a grand job of helping display Greek Flags and handing out the goodies….have you seen the article about youngsters being a great joy to the elderly…..well this really proves a point as he was a little gem with those Residents attending smiles all around !  Photos attached.


We had a chat about where we used to live in our younger days….I came from Mitcham and one lady said she lived there for 2 years after she got married in 1947….gave me the address and wondered what it looked like now.  John looked it up on Street View and printed a copy of the Road for her to see…she was delighted and took it to her room !  another address remembered was Beckenham Road, Beckenham and a flat in Wilfred Road off of Old Shoreham Road.


That is about it for now….maybe see you at the next Sunday Lunch… permitting it will be a Bar-B-Q !