Valerie Manor Restaurant……..’The Warren’ Planning

You may be aware that our residents have asked that we change our dining room into more of a restaurant feel to have more of a fine dining experience. Of course we have set to work and went out to ask everyone what the new restaurant should be called…….of course, following our theme from the Rabbit Hole Club the majority vote was to call it the warren! This then moved on to create a green, warm feel to the area. Yesterday we held an emergency meeting with residents whilst enjoying a sherry as we received sample chairs, wallpaper and colour schemes for the area. I must say it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and everyone agreed and have given me the go ahead to work with Nursing Hygiene Group to develop our new restaurant.

It brought back fond memories for me of designing the nursing wing where all residents were involved in the colour schemes and choosing furniture etc which makes me very happy as it is the residents home after all so thrilled that so many residents wanted to be part of creating our new restaurant!