November Activities Summary……

Brrrrrrrr !!  Hello I think winter is well and truly upon us !

I do hope everyone is keeping fit and well and looking forward to the very busy next few weeks.

November saw us exercising as usual on Monday mornings as well as Reminiscences and Quizzes….. An Apple Quiz made us really think….18 familiar items regarding Apples…..most of them connected to songs.

Ma I miss your Apple Pie….Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree….In the shade of the Old Apple Tree….Ida Sweet as Apple Cidah…..I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time !!…..must not forget other sayings….he is rotten to the core…a man’s voice box is his Adam’s Apple….New York City being called the Big Apple….the Apple Theme goes on.

We had a chat about Schools that had been attended…A Private School owned by a lady’s aunt who was the Mayoress of Ramsgate,  Knowles School, Hove, a school in London and a school in Surrey.

Having chatted about the Queen and Prince Phillip’s 70 year marriage it came to light that one lovely lady was married in 1944 and was married for 71 years when her dear husband passed.  They married in Parham Church and remembers having worn a pale blue suit with royal blue stars and royal blue shoes and hat.  She did not carry flowers but a lovely white Bible.  Her husband was a Signalman in the Royal Navy on the Exmoor Ship…even remembering the Ship number JPX 405

He wore his naval uniform.  They had a small reception of 8 to 9 guests…no Bridesmaids….The Reception was held in Parham Lodge where her mother lived as she worked at Parham House.  The fruit cake was lovingly made by her mother.  The young newly weds (they were both 21) travelled to her Auntie’s house in Farnham Surrey for a Honeymoon.

Another wedding took place in 1948 at a local Church in Acton Middlesex….this lovely lady wore a white second hand dress and had two friends as Bridesmaids who wore pink….she also carried a white Bible with a white ribbon thread through it.  Her husband had also been in the Navy.  Unfortunately she lost her husband after 17 years of marriage but luckily found happiness a second time around.

On the night before the then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh’s wedding a Resident travelled to London with a sleeping bag, sandwiches and flask to make sure they would see the Royal Couple exit from Westminster

Abbey…….another lady went to The Mall….her younger brother was a Guard and wore a Bearskin… was very hot and he had to stand still for a long time !  He was conscripted into the Army at 17 years old for two years.

See you soon