October Activities Summary……..

Where did October go……….soon be singing Carols !

I would like to start by John and I giving a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Zoe, Alan and ALL the staff at Valerie Manor on receiving the Outstanding Rating by the CQC.   I think you will not think we are biased by saying how very proud we are.  Thoroughly deserved.  Most of the family were in Polperro when we heard the news….quite a few tears of happiness were shed !  Hopefully you will join us for a tipple to celebrate on Sunday 12th November.

We held a Reminiscence Session remembering the great storm of October 1987…..one lady said she stood and cried in Hove Park at the sight of so many trees having been uprooted and was very cross when she saw a Japanese Student laughing.  Another remembers being home alone and hearing a sound like thunder when the garden wall just fell over with a big thud…it did not break and lay on the ground intact…another memory was of losing lots of roof tiles and them costing a fortune to replace….a daughter with a 6 week old baby living in Addiscombe Croydon had to live by candlelight until the electricity was repaired. Another memory was  a door from a stable being blown over and the stable exit blocked….sleeping in a bed under a window was very frightening and schools were closed….a Hawthorn Tree was blown over a hedge into a garden in Washington.

Another story was from a Carer whose family member had 89 Budgerigars in an aviary…the building was in the corner of the garden and was not affected at all by the strong winds !

Our family lived in Hassocks at the time of the storm and we lost a huge Conifer from our front garden…..all the neighbours rallied round to helping John to try to clear the road….we reported the tree being down only to be told that thousands of others were too !  Luckily we had an open fireplace for heat but had to cook on a Camping Gas Cooker for quite a while until everything was repaired.  We borrowed a Generator which was running from the garage.  Being absolutely exhausted the morning after John received a phone call to say that our Boat had dragged it’s mooring at Chichester Harbour and ended up on the beach.  He had to wait for 2 weeks until the tide was high enough for her to float.  Because John acted quickly to visit Bonhunt and remove the valuable equipment although the boat was broken into afterwards there was nothing of value left to be taken !

Again memories were awoken by singing along to songs from the Musicals…..Somewhere Over the Rainbow,  Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Anything You Can Do, Stepping Out with My Baby….I was in my element and the lovely thing is that whilst going about their business the staff wander through the Conservatory and join in with the singing……albeit some too young to remember some of the lyrics.

Keep warm and safe and see you next time.