February Activities Summary!

It’s very white out there but very sunny which makes everything look really lovely!

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

After exercising one week we had a chat about Chinese New Year….Residents and Staff telling me which year they were born….I then told everyone which animal they were in the Chinese Horoscope…..we had Horses, Tigers, Rabbits and Rooster….having a real giggle together when one lovely lady was born in the year of the Dragon!!!   I read out the characteristics of the different animals much to the delight of everyone.

Another Reminiscence was where Residents worked in their earlier years…..we had a Fashion Sketcher who worked in London, a Nurse who worked in a Hospital In Edinburgh as well as many other Hospitals, another lady worked at the London Telephone Exchange….selling Clothing in Selfridges was another memory….another Telephone Operator worked in a small business….selling groceries in a General Store in Storrington brought back fond memories.  Joining in one member of staff left school at 14/15 and worked with her Nan who owned a Bowling Club….she returned back to school at 16 then had a home teacher 4 days a week!

As ever each week I ask for requests of Music for the following week…..musicals always seem to be a firm favourite and luckily with Let’s Dance I have many CD’s to cater for the requests!

We enjoyed singing along to South Pacific (well I cannot sing but the Residents and Staff make up for it!!)  Whilst joining in with Nothing Like a Dame many remembered the Morecambe and Wise version with the Newsreaders…..anybody remember that?  Wonderful wonderful routine!

We enjoyed another Show request of The Sound of Music…..I shall tell you one of the many things I love about the Valerie Manor Staff…..there was a new young lady who has not been with us for long and who I met for the first time.  When I played Do. Re. Me. she sat down and joined everybody singing away with a lovely smile on her face….she knew all of the words which I thought she would have been too young to know and she told us that she watched the film over and over again when she was little!!   How lovely is that! ….the Valerie Manor ‘family’ of Residents and Staff is great!

Bye for now