January’s activity summary…….


The highlight of January must have been the lovely 10 Year Celebration of Zoe being at Valerie Manor.

It was lovely seeing so many relatives and friends from years gone by joining our new residents, their families and staff for a really lovely time!

Congratulations Zoe, Alan and all members of staff for continuing to make Valerie Manor a real ‘home’ for our residents and visiting families and friends.

Continuing the Monday morning Exercise Session with some lovely ladies is very rewarding…I go to the Manor early to have a lovely coffee and chat…..not to forget a giggle…..with my ‘followers’ before the session begins.  We then have a Reminiscence Session followed by favourite music chosen by the residents.

One exercise we do is circling with our upper body we laughed as we remembered the plastic Clowns at Fairs moving side to side and putting balls into their open mouths to win a prize……this gave us a subject for our Reminiscence Session! as a child I was always taken to Mitcham Fair by my Grandad George for the Opening Ceremony performed by the Mayor!…….memories are good for me too!

One lady remembers going to a lovely Fair in Ramsgate, another at Brighton Race Course….all of a sudden memories started flooding back….Coconut Shy, aiming at plastic ducks as they went across a screen, hooking plastic ducks out of the water as they ‘swam’ past, the Strong Man…trying to hit the dome to make the bell ring,  toffee apples, candy floss and rock…one lady used to make her own toffee apples…strings of liquorice, round flat lollipops……a few of the ‘goodies’ remembered!

We then went onto rides (I am a boring carousel only type of person and hold bags for others riding on the more exciting stuff!!) the Ghost Train, Wall of Death, Dodgem Cars, Helter- Skelter, Swing Boats were all rides that were remembered.

One memory that came up that made us sad was the poor Goldfish hanging in plastic bags at the stalls….I am sure this does not happen now!

Musicals again were requested we were singing along to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and My Fair Lady.  One visitor was having a dance with a very sprightly resident!

Keep well and warm and see you next time.