Lynda Lyne – Piano and Voice

 For some time now Lynda has been visiting to entertain our residents by singing and playing the piano – the residents love Lynda’s visits and this week was no exception! Thank you Lynda for another special performance.



1) Dvorak’s Humoresque in G – Piano Solo

2/3) Edlewiess/Do re me – Sound of Music – Voice and Piano

4-7) If you were the only girl, Side by Side, Pack up/Tippererie Song Selection

8) Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1 – Piano Solo

9) Forgotten Dreams – Leroy Anderson – Piano Solo

10) Ragtime medley – Piano Solo

11)Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Piano Solo

12) All I ask of you/Tell me on a Sunday – Andrew Lloyd Webber Mix

13) Skye Boat Song – Piano Solo

14) Greensleeves – Piano Solo

15) Cockles and Mussels – Voice and Piano

16) Fifty-Ninth Street Bridge Song – Paul Simon

17) Benny Andersson – Thank you for the Music

18) Wouldnt it be Lovely! – Voice and Piano

19) All the Nice Girls – Voice and Piano

20/21) Daisy daisy/She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain (All to join in!)