March Activities Summaries…….

It is 30th March…..Good Friday….so Happy Easter!

Blossom is covering one of our trees….the daffodils are standing proud….primroses and snowdrops looking very pretty….quite a few lambs have entered the world….lots more to come!

But where is the sunshine?  It seems to have been raining forever and pretty cold as well….could be worse though.  West Sussex was lucky enough to miss the really bad snow.

Sally-Ann phoned a couple of weekends ago asking if the boys could come sledging at Nanna and Grandad Roxwell’s  (those of you who do not know where we live the bungalow has a sloping front garden)

They arrived kitted out for the North Pole but unfortunately the snow was quickly melting but they had a good ‘slushy’ hour before heading off.

Back to business!….Again after exercising we enjoyed a Quiz and Music.  On the Monday after St. Patricks Day we played Michael Flatley’s  ‘Lord of the Dance’ music.  We then had a St. Patricks Day Quiz some of the questions were quite hard but we were lucky enough to have our lovely Irish Carer who certainly helped us out!

One of the questions was ‘what is a shillelagh?’….most of us knew but our dear Linda starting singing…..’With a Shillelagh under my arm and twinkle in my eye I’ll be off to Tipperary in the morning!’  some of us had heard the song years ago and to be sung by our lovely Irish lassie it was wonderful.  Another question was what is Colcannon… turns out to be a combination of mashed potato cabbage and kale….Linda told us of something quite yummy…Chump…mashed potatoes and spring onions! The Irish Comedy……Father Ted…..brought back fond memories.

Music time enjoyed by most singing along to….. If I Were a Rich Man from Fiddler On the Roof….My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music….Wouldn’t it be Loverley from My Fair Lady….Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz and Oklahoma which a resident remembers going to see at the Theatre Royal with her daughter.

Another week I took in another much older  CD….Great Stage Musicals….Strike Up the Band by Red Nichols 1930….S’Wonderful by Adele Astaire 1928 from Funny Face….On the Sunny Side of the Street 1930……They Didn’t Believe Me  ‘The Girl From Utah’ ….this was sung in the original 1914 Production by Julia Sanderson who 27 years later in 1941 recorded the version we listened to!

John and I will be joining our lovely Residents for the Easter Sunday Lunch…maybe see you there.