June’s Activity Summary……..

Phew…so much going on….finished with some lovely sunshine!

I do hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine…a bit of a shock it lasting for so long.

Some of our lovely ladies and gentlemen, not forgetting their visitors,  have been enjoying our wonderful outside space at Valerie Manor. Staff busy moving parasols every time the sun pops through the gaps!

The highlight this month for the staff and residents must have been the National Care Awards….see separate article.

John and I would like to say HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all staff on such a wonderful result of Best Nursing Care….soaking up the passion to genuinely care for our ladies and gentlemen.

With our Zoë at the helm and Alan by her side….a wonderful combination for a wonderful Home…..very proud!

I would also on behalf of the staff to thank Zoe and Alan for organising the wonderful experience of travelling to London to attend the Event.

Back to business of our Monday mornings.  Quite often visitors join in with the exercising which is lovely.  After exercising we have enjoyed singing along to many favourites.  It is amazing how the memory of lyrics just come flooding back bringing smiles to faces….especially as the staff come dancing through the conservatory joining in!

We had a chat about the Queen’s Coronation….one lady camped overnight opposite the Cathedral with sleeping bags, flasks and sandwiches….another remembers spending the night before in the Mall to be sure of getting a good view when the Carriage passed….unfortunately there were so many people that by the time the Queen passed they had been shuffled to the back…still very exciting but not the view they camped out all night to see!  They had no chairs so sat on their rolled up sleeping bags.  Everybody said that the Golden Coach was spectacular and Her Majesty was very well looked after.

A Memory Game of Triads was enjoyed by residents once again our lovely staff joined in as they passed through the conservatory…..I read the first two words of the Triad and the third was guessed by our ladies, gentlemen and staff…..e.g.  Animal, vegetable and (mineral)….Lock, stock and (barrel).  There were 21 Triads which most people knew…. but stuck on one which only one lady answered…Winken, blinken and (nod)….have you ever heard of that one?

Enjoy July and we look forward to seeing some of you at the Garden Party…..some of our Let’s Dance! girls will be performing Maypole Dancing….something we have done every year since Zoe came to Valerie Manor!

Hopefully after the performance some of our visiting children will join in….see you there!

Bye for now