Happy 100th Birthday Moya!


We felt honoured to be able to celebrate Moya’s 100th Birthday party with family and friends – such a very special day. Happy Birthday Moya!

Mrs Moyà Beavan, born 30th July, 1918

Moyà Beavan celebrated her 100th birthday with a large party of friends and members of her family at Valerie Manor, Upper Beeding, where she now lives, and has done for the last 2 years.

Moyà lived in Washington with her husband John, for more than 50 years, where both played very active roles in village life.

Some years after losing John she moved to Penns Court, Steyning, where she enjoyed a further 8 years before moving to Valerie Manor.

She has always been very active throughout her life and she remains so now, feeding the birds daily, helping with some of the flowers indoors, and enjoying many of the activities offered at Valerie Manor.

She spent many happy years Washington, being a member of NADFAS and participating in Scottish Dancing, which, together with a nip of Scotch whisky each evening, is the reason, she says, for her extraordinary good health and longevity! 

I believe she may be right, coupled with a thirst for information and continuing interest in other people, including her ever-growing family, (12 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren).