July Activities Summary


I have not been around much this month due to John and I having been on Holiday to Greece.

For the first time in years we went away for 2 weeks.

We had a lovely time but I think it was hotter here than there!

On the Monday before we went I was introduced to a lovely young lady…Chadia…who was on work experience from Steyning College where she is boarding.  After helping serve refreshments she was with me helping with the morning’s Activities.  A lovely young lady….her first task was to help collect lavender and herbs from the garden to replenish the bud vases with me.  We then set up in the garden by the conservatory for our exercises from our chairs with some of our lovely Residents.  Chadia joined in which was lovely for everyone.

We then had an American Independence Day Quiz which one gentleman visiting knew nearly all the correct answers!

We ended the morning with listening to The Sound of Music which had been requested the week before.

So sad we had to cancel the Garden party….so much preparation for everyone….I received a phone call on the morning from Zoe for John and I to go and meet her and Alan in the garden to help with the decision to go ahead or not.  It was very windy at Roxwell but when we arrived at the Manor the Gazebos were rocking and sun shades had been blown over as were big plant pots !!! no way could our ladies and gentlemen have been outside….we were expecting 100 visitors so we went worked quickly to let everyone know.

My young Maypolers were busy in the heat on Friday rehearsing when it started to rain…they were so excited they went outside of the hall in their ballet shoes!!  We thought it might be the heat or rain which would stand in our way not the WIND !  Needless to say the girls and their families were disappointed after attending rehearsals for their performance.

The Maypole has now gone to bed until next year…fingers crossed!

I had a lovely time on the last Monday of the month….I was in the Library when I was joined by a lovely gentleman who joined us whilst I was away.  Andrew was looking after him and brought him to be introduced to me.  It was absolutely amazing as the gentleman immediately sat down at the piano and started playing and singing…..wow….Reuben was with me and we were both astounded and delighted at what was happening!

(hopefully Reuben will be starting lessons in September!)  Not a dry eye from me or other staff who were around!…..my dear dad played the piano…a present from his mum….I still have the receipt for it somewhere that my Nanna kept back in the 40’s….21 shillings!!!!!

Those of you that know me (staff included) know that although I know all of the words of the ‘oldies’…..as I was brought up on music….I cannot sing!   Can dance a little! that did not stop me!….sorry…Three Coins in the Fountain, If You were the Only Girl in the World, My Way to name but a few.  When the gentleman finished we spent the rest of the morning listening and singing along to…..yes you guessed it….show numbers which he requested.

Apparently he started playing the piano at the age of 10 and carried on.  When he was called up for National Service when he was 18 he thought his playing days were over but he joyfully played at Camps for the Troops…can’t wait to see him again!

Bye for now