August Activities Summary…….

Hello everyone….sorry late short blog due to being away!

I do hope everyone is keeping well and you have been able to enjoy the sunshine!

I am afraid there is not much to say about my Mondays last month because as well as John and I having been away for 2 weeks!!!….not happened since the children were small! On the couple of Mondays I visited  it was so hot that most of our lovely ladies and gentlemen were in their cool rooms.  I spent a couple of hours just chatting to those who were enjoying a quiet time and not wanting to do ‘physical activity’   It really is just lovely having a chat…I love remembering the ‘good old days’ and it always brings a smile to faces chatting about days gone by.  Sometimes sad memories come to mind but it really helps to talk about these as well.

I must say what a lovely Residents and Family bar-b-q we had.  So lovely to see so many guests joining us in the lovely garden…as for the food it was absolutely delicious so a huge congratulations to the lovely staff who prepared and cooked and to the lovely staff who served and looked after us.

I am back on Monday 10th to see my lovely ladies and gentlemen…I have really missed the Valerie Manor family!

Bye for now