September Activities Summary

The leaves are turning slowly into their beautiful Autumn colour….the sun is still shining keeping us quite warm in the day but turning chilly when it sets.  I think we have been lucky over the last few months even though sadly we had to cancel our Garden party!

Having the organ in the conservatory has been such a great success since our lovely gentleman entertains us daily.  These were the renditions he has been giving us to sing along to lately…..You are my Honey Honeysuckle…I am the Bee, Tip toe through the Tulips, I’ll be loving you always… song had me searching after we had a chat not really knowing what it was…..When Wippoorwills calls, Apparently it is a bird which can be found in South Eastern Canada throughout Eastern United States and from South Western USA through to Mexico wintering as far south as Costa Rica!

It goes to show that our chats make us think about the words that we automatically sing not realising what it means so I am asked to investigate….good old google!

After the Exercising we enjoyed singing along to My Fair Lady…..I was whistling and was told by a lovely lady something I had not heard for years….’A whistling woman and a crowing hen is neither fit for God or men!!!!’   I don’t think my singing is either!

We are hoping that our pianist is going to play one of my favourites…The Lambeth Walk…and we will learn the movements from our chairs!

I’ll let you know how we get on.