May’s activity summary!

Sunshine all the way whilst I am writing this….John is outside the window up a ladder fixing my Hanging Basket brackets!

Some of our lovely ladies and gentlemen have enjoyed being outside in the garden over the past few weeks.  I must say Clare is doing a grand job out there with the garden now looking very well established.

We celebrated a belated ‘International Dance Day’ where I played Music from all over the World……we had a quiz where the ladies and gentlemen matched the music to different Dance Forms from Waltzes, Polkas, Charleston, Can-Can, Jive, Cossack, Irish, Scottish, Ballet, Cha Cha Cha,  Flamenco and Paso Doble to name but a few……must not forget Tap!!!  The Conservatory was like Strictly Come Dancing!

One of our lovely Carers celebrated her 21st Birthday on a Monday…..she was presented with a cake, cards and gift whilst we sang Happy Birthday!

This gave us another topic for our Reminiscence Session…..’What did you do on your 21st Birthday?’

One lady had a big party in the Village Hall at Henfield and remembers wearing a beautiful blue dress, another had a party in a Hall in Cambridge, a house in Somerset was the venue of another

Celebration.  A gentleman was at sea as it was war time…not on a Battleship but an old Fishing Boat.  Another lady had been evacuated to Stafford just before her birthday.

Another Quiz…Famous Couples…was enjoyed where Residents were given the name of one of a Famous Couple and had to guess the missing name….e.g. Fred Astaire and …..?  Batman and…..?

Antony and…..? Abbot and…..?  There were 16 couples on the List and ALL were guessed correctly!

That is it for now