Staff Meeting

Last week we held our regular staff meeting which as always was very well attended!

Preeda and Steve worked their magic in the kitchen to provide a wonderful buffet which was enjoyed by everyone.

We use these meetings to update our colleagues on all aspects of the Home and gives everyone the opportunity to discuss ideas etc in a group.

We also share any feedback we have had from our residents and their families – which I am pleased to say was very positive.

Equality & Diversity is now very much in the news and we have introduced this to our mandatory training this year. To support diversity we have given all staff present a multicoloured lanyard which are very eye catching.

Being in such a rewarding industry we always try to recognise our colleagues and we recently heard of a new initiative to celebrate those that work in Care. The Care badge – again we gave all staff present a badge which I’m sure will be worn with pride! You can find out more about this new incentive by following the link below:


Zoe & I would like to thank everyone who attended -especially Preeda & Steve for their wonderful buffet.