Bonnie & Arthur

It has been some time since we had a visiting Pets as therapy Dog (P.A.T.) at Valerie Manor, but we were pleased when we were recently contacted by someone who wished to do so.

Bonnie & Arthur come highly recommended as they know Derrie & Lola Рwho you may remember visited us for many years before Lola  retired.

Praise indeed!

This week we completed all the paperwork to allow the regular visits to commence next Wednesday.

We introduced Bonnie & Arthur to some of the residents and he showed off one of the tricks he has learnt.

Bonnie balanced a biscuit on his nose and he waited until he was told he could eat it, then flipped it into the air and ate it!.

As you can see from the below photograph Bonnie even taught one of our more ‘boisterous’ visitors the same trick!!