November Activity Summary

Hello,  a very wet and windy November has finished with sunshine albeit cold but rather chilly than wet!

The Manor is buzzing getting ready for a very hectic, but enjoyable, run-up to you know what! ……will not mention that  word yet!

November first.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Zoe, Alan and our wonderful Team for another very successful Award Evening……when you see the Team together it really brings home why they achieve these well deserved Awards….they are not just a Team working alongside each other they are a Family!!  Supporting each other through the good and bad times….the laughter and tears!  John and I are very Proud of you ALL!  Thank you for always going that extra mile for each other, and our lovely Residents.

Our Monday Sessions have included the usual Exercises from our chairs for those who wish to join us……we enjoyed a lovely CD of Gareth Malone (Choir gentleman)….Music for Healing which was so relaxing we nearly nodded off!

Quiz wise we had ‘Name a Song Sung By’……..there were 20 Artistes and 20 answers were given from Al Jolson to Bing Crosby, Aled Jones and The Beatles!……as most of you know I cannot sing so gave clues by whistling if answers were proving difficult!

At another Session I had 13 different Flags from around the World where all were guessed apart from the Mexican one…very impressed!

We also enjoyed a Natural World Quiz….e.g  What four letter word connects a Dollar and a Male Rabbit?   Go away and think about that one.  Our Residents knew!

That is all for now……hopefully see many of you at the various Valerie Manor get-togethers coming up in December.

Robin x