December’s activities summary


I do hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year…..lovely to see so many Relatives and Friends at the various events over the Christmas period.

I would like to commend the Staff as ever going that extra mile to make sure everyone enjoyed the Festive Season.

When John and I arrived just before Christmas to see a couple of Elves skipping around the Car Park and Garden we did a double take then realised it was dear Zoe and Alan ‘doing their thing!’

WONDERFUL!  The smiles on the faces of everybody said it all!

On the run up to the big day so very many Events and Entertainment were enjoyed by everyone which was great.

I had a couple of Mondays doing my usual exercising from the chair followed by some ‘Brain Teasers’…..Affinities e.g. Fords and Pontiacs are Cars,  Harvard and Yale are Universities….Matched Sets e.g Sink or Swim, Salt and Pepper, Sticks and Stones….Triads e.g. Snap Crackle and Pop, Lock Stock and Barrel, Animal Vegetable and Mineral to name just a few….as ever any Staff and Visitors around join in which is great!

We did a Christmas ‘Sensory Sight Identification’…12 Christmassy Items were put on a tray and covered up after everybody had looked at them.  We then went to each individual to ask what if any items were remembered….the result was quite amazing!

We discussed memories of treasured Christmas Gifts from childhood….A Board of Coloured Beads to make Patterns,  a favourite Book on Ballet by Anna Pavlova,  Spinning Top, Balls which were used to play against a wall (I loved this when I was young playing onsie/twosie/one leg/the other leg etc on my dear Dad’s Shed wall!)  one memory was of an elephant made by the visitors father’s father a very long time ago!

Here is to a very Happy, Healthy 2020!

Robin x