Activities Update

Here I am at last!

I so hope you are fit and well and have not been troubled too much by this awful weather!

I think we have been quite lucky compared to most of the UK.

Here is what we have been up to over the past few weeks…….on Mondays when I arrive at the Manor I am greeted by lovely smiling faces and coffee!  Whoever is in the Conservatory before we start our Exercises we enjoy having a good old natter putting the world to rights and discussing what we have enjoyed reading or watching during the week.

We enjoyed a Planet Quiz…. for example… you know what the 2nd biggest planet in our Solar System is ?…..Saturn.  Which is the hottest Planet?……Venus.  Once again I was pleasantly surprised at our lovely ladies and gentlemen knowing the answers!  Similes was another brain teaser….As Fresh as a  (Daisy)  As Pleased as (Punch)   As Brave as a  (Lion) to name but a few.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rat we enjoyed exercising to Chinese Music…with Decorations and Prawn Crackers and Sweet Chilli Dip.

As ever our lovely Staff and visitors joined in finding out their ‘Animal’ Year ……we had Goats, Dogs, Rats and Tigers

One morning Sally-Ann’s boys Reuben and Eddie were with me and helped with a Parachute Game with Balloons which helped exercise the upper body… well as our smiling faces!




n Oscar Week we had a Film Quiz naming Films that certain Actors/Actresses had performed in or finishing the title of certain Films……Around the World in (80) Days….The Nun’s (Story)….You Only Live  (Twice) to name but a few.  There were 18 Questions and everyone was answered correctly!

One of our Reminiscence Sessions involved old Coinage….I took in some old Coins that I came across at home….Sixpences, Halfpennies, old Pennies,  Threepenny Bits, Half-Crowns everyone loved handling the old coins again! 

Many memories came to light but I will leave those to the next time!

See you soon