1st Zoom – Team Meeting

As you can imagine trying to ensure we are following the current guidance can be almost impossible at times but we always try to ensure we review any change to maintain the safety and health of our residents and staff.

Over the last 3-4 weeks we have seen a lot of changes in the way we all communicate with each other and we have had to adapt at Valerie Manor as well.

At the outset we wanted to ensure relatives, next of kin, staff and other professionals connected with us, knew what we were doing and how we were implementing the Governments advice. It soon became apparent that not only was it nearly impossible to ensure everyone knew every change that was announced but to keep up to date at the same time.

We went from nearly daily updates to less frequent but more focused updates which both relatives and staff appreciated – everyone’s in-boxes are filling up at the moment!

As we head deeper into the COVID-19 lock-down -PPE is a topic that concerns the whole country. If you turn on your television – it’s normally being discussed on any channel you choose to view. 

Luckily through our wonderful staff’s efforts we don’t have anyone with symptoms at the moment (touch wood, fingers crossed etc) but staff were asking questions about supplies etc.

So we asked ourselves how could we update as many staff as possible without bringing any ‘extra’ into the home to have a team meeting?

ZOOM! – for those that are not aware it is a video conferencing app which is in much demand at the moment. It allows an unlimited amount of people to all join to talk and see each other (if they choose) . I should point out other similar Apps are available.

Today saw the first of what I think will now become a regular staff meeting. Debs & Lucy coordinated the staff working at Valerie Manor to take part on a laptop in the restaurant whilst off duty staff joined from home.

In total 27 staff took part in the discussion in which Zoe explained how the Management team discuss a huge range of items on a daily basis and are constantly planning for the ‘worse case scenario’.  She detailed how we have calculated how many masks, gloves etc we would need and what we have done to arrange supplies.

Zoe & I hope this reassured the team of all of our contingency planning measures and we also thanked everyone for the immense efforts at this difficult time.

Finally we reminded everyone of the lovely comments we are continuing to receive via emails etc from residents families and friends.

Team meetings may never be the same again!

Thank you to everyone that took part!