A message from Rev’d Emma

To all our friends at Valerie Manor

This is just to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for your continued health and wellbeing up here at the 3Bs.

While I was thinking about you all a thought came to me – as this week the Church re-enacts the last days of Jesus’ life on earth (or we would if the churches were open).  Yesterday was Maundy Thursday and if we had been able to be in church, we would have acted out the time when Jesus washed his disciples feet on the evening he was arrested.  As those of you who are concerned with close personal care know well, washing someone’s feet, or indeed any part of their body, is a very intimate thing to do and involves trust and a degree of love and understanding. 

We only act this out on Maundy Thursday but for you it is a lived experience – caring for others every day in so many different ways.  And particularly at this time of pandemic it becomes an even more sacrificial act.  You put aside your own needs for the sake of others.  I have heard it said often that those who care for others’ needs at this time are our unsung heroes – I hope that is changing and that you are becoming our recognised and highly valued heroes and I hope that after this is over, the country will continue to value your role as it should be valued.

Today is Good Friday, when we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  There are people in our world who are making that sacrifice for others –may we never forget them or you.

After Good Friday comes Easter Sunday and the dawn of hope out of despair.  The recognition of new life (and even Easter bunnies and lots of chocolate!)  There will be an end to what is happening at the moment, when we will be able to celebrate together with our loved ones and when, I think, we will have learned even more how precious they are.  My second grandchild was born early this morning – I don’t know when I will be able to see him face to face but I do know that I will be able to and I am so grateful for his safe delivery.  Even in a time of fear and uncertainty there is still new life and new hope.

Rev’d Emma