A message from Robin.

Hello Dear Residents, Staff and Relatives.

I wanted to send a message to everyone to let you know how much I am missing you!

Congratulations to you wonderful Staff on working so very hard keeping our ‘Valerie Manor Family’ safe and supporting Zoe and Alan as well as looking after your own families.

A huge thank you as well for the many families for their support and ideas for making their relatives’ lives a little better at this very difficult time.

As mentioned in an earlier piece I am unable to visit as John and I are on Self-Isolation due to age and underlying Medical Conditions.  The most we can do is to be at the end of the phone to listen and

support our family.  We have not had a hug from our children or grandchildren since 14th March,  as with you dear Relatives it is such an emotional time for everyone.

Having covered the sad situation I would like to share some lighter moments.

Firstly on the first Thursday that we were invited to go outside and clap our wonderful NHS and ALL Carers.  There we were, John and I standing under our large conifer in the garden when I started clapping and John started using his wooden clapper!   All of a sudden about 50 pigeons flew out of the tree!! It was like Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’  feeling guilty we carried on a little quieter.  The following week it was still light and the Pigeons had not yet roosted so all was fine.

Secondly those of you that know me know that I am a great fan of Claudia Winkleman’s Fringe and my hairdresser keeps it at a great length.  This morning I could hardly see where I was going so on a whim picked up some scissors…..from going from the Claudia Winkelman to the Dulux Dog look I am afraid I now resemble Friar Tuck!  So be warned think twice before doing anything too drastic.

Try to keep smiling through the next few weeks

Keep safe and well and very best wishes and love to you all

Robin and John …aka Muma and Papa Bates.