An Easter reflection..

We are so grateful to everyone for making Easter a special time this year. In extremely difficult circumstances our staff and the local community have gone the extra mile and we cannot thank them enough.

Jay & Nisha from NISA local in Upper BeedingĀ  have always been very supportive to the Home and when we struggled to get some Easter treats including daffodils, they managed to source some for us and delivered them as well.

Alison our chef has always made our Simnel cake and despite all the pressure on the entire team she did us proud again! – not to mention the wonderful Easter Sunday lunch.

A newer member of the team, Natalie, wasn’t working for us on Easter Sunday but managed to send the Easter Bunny our way – which really made everyone’s day.

The above are just a few of examples of little things that can make a huge difference to everyone’s day and it is especially appreciated at this time.

Thank you one and all!