National Nurses Day

Today is National Nurses Day 2020 and whilst we usually celebrate with our fabulous Nurses, this year is very different.

We couldn’t let it go by without saying a HUGE thank you to them and all of our wonderful team. 

We think there should be a National Care Home Worker Day – but hopefully that will come very soon.

Here is a little tribute which I hope you all enjoy – A BIG thank you to Lucy for coordinating this for us.

Here is what some of our residents families have said:

Hello to all the amazing carers and nurses at Valerie Manor, happy National Nurses Day! Hope you all have a lovely day even in these difficult times.
It’s difficult to put into words how much it means to us to know that you’re all looking after dad (Tony) so well. Smiling and laughing along with him when he thinks he’s being funny and wiping a tear when he gets emotional!
From the first day dad came there all of you have been so friendly and approachable.  We’ve never had a second thought that he’s not getting the best possible care.
Missing seeing dad obviously, but missing seeing all of you as well.
Keep safe.
Love from
Wendy and Phil xx
Shirley and Chris xx


What a wonderful opportunity, following on from such amazing VE Day celebrations yesterday  to thank all the nursing, care and support teams at Valerie Manor for making that day so special for our relatives. So many happy, smiling faces on the photos on your blog bare testament to the ongoing care your residents receive. We were blown away by those pictures and transported back to happier times.
So much thought ,care and planning must have gone into yesterday’s party. Debs  you have played a blinder with Lucy and Karon  at the helm and together with all the other staff involved.
Happy Nurses Day! We salute you all  – from the nursing and care staff to the chefs ,cleaning staff  and the mistresses of the laundry who keep our loved ones so clean and tidy!   A very big THANK YOU! – Geraldine


A Big Thank You to all the nurses and careers at Valerie Manor for their love care and devotion in there daily work.
A Big Thank You for looking after Gerry and Pat two dear people l care and love in this time when l can no longer visit them and you put yourselves on the line everyday for them.
May you all and you families stay safe in the good that you do and all that you give to others THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Monique❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Both Di & I will be forever in your debt for the care and comfort the whole team at Valerie Manor gave to Di’s dad, Norman, in the last years of his long life.  Hopefully this is summed up in the attached photo (one of yours I think) – he always enjoyed his cup of tea!
As a new district councillor, I have come to appreciate the excellent work done in the private care sector, taking some of the load off the county’s social care budget.
As an individual, I have always been impressed by the care offered by all nurses in both the private and public sectors, regardless of the severity (or otherwise!) of the reason for seeking care in the first place: thank you all.
Mike Croker
(Horsham District Councillor for Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote)


There has never been a more important time to celebrate the work of the nursing profession. Nationally they have stepped up to the plate and this has been mirrored at Valerie Manor.
I am in awe of the standards of professionalism the nurses at VM have shown at this time of national crisis. In addition to the physical demands of the job the emotional demands must be exhausting.
Nurses I salute you !
With thanks and best wishes


We would like to wish all Nurses a very HAPPY NATIONAL NURSES DAY!
Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work at this very difficult time……..very special people!
Stay safe and well
Muma and Papa Bates xx


Dear All
Having spent a lifetime working along side nurses in acute hospital setting and latterly in the Community I have always had a great admiration for their work. They are usually selfless and giving people who put considerably more hours into their work than they are contracted to do and with a smile on their face. They dedicate themselves completely to caring for those in their care in very special ways. This dedication has been pushed to the limits in recent days during the Covid 19 pandemic.
I have seen this, especially in my Granddaughter working in Sheffield Hallam Hospital and in the nurses and care staff at Valerie Manor. This is such a comfort to us to know that there are people who can give love, care and help in a friendly way when we are in isolation. How they retain a sense of humour at times like this is amazing.
My love and admiration to you all
Pat x


Sending thanks, love and best wishes to all the nurses at Valerie Manor on this special day to celebrate all the amazing work you do from day to day throughout the year. Your patience, care, dedication and professionalism is plain to see and we also love your sense of fun and humour as you go about your days. We appreciate everything you do you keep our relatives well cared for and happy and know that they are in very safe hands. May we also extend our heartfelt thanks to all who care for the Valerie Manor residents, you are all stars in your own right and we know how much you do with living care to keep the home running so smoothly.
Enjoy this special day Nurses day but know how much you are appreciated all year round. Stay safe, keep well, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do,
Viv Taylor (miss you!)


We just want to say ‘thankyou’ for all the staff working at Valerie Manor and the incredible job they’re doing in looking after all the residents including Marjorie.
It must be very tiring and stressful at times but we really appreciate the dedication and skill that they are displaying and we’re very grateful that Mum is in such good hands.
Hopefully at some point in the future we’ll be able to visit and give our thanks in person.
Jeff, Colette, Amy and Olivia Grimes xxxxx


Dear Zoe and all Nursing staff at Valerie Manor,
This is a message from John, Jan and on behalf of Brenda…..we are sending a sincere “BIG THANK YOU” to all the wonderful, hard working Nurses at Valerie Manor in celebration of National Nurses Day taking place around the world on Tuesday 12th May 2020… are all very much appreciated, especially at this most gruelling time…..XXX

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every nurse that works so compassionately at Valerie Manor looking after my mum (Dave’s mum-in-law) Jean and all the other residents who reside in the home; It is a HOME in our minds;  it’s the place we have chosen to care for our loved ones and without the nurses who give of themselves everyday to that care where would we be, especially in these unprecedented times.

You have put my mother above the needs of yourselves and to us you are all heroes.

We stay safely at home you risk your health.

You are the best and please know how much we appreciate you.

We would love to be there to raise a glass or two to you all, but unfortunately we can’t so once more we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Love and gratitude from Candy and David

We also received a lovely e-Card from a relative.

Click here to view.

Just a little something for our Nurses to enjoy!