A COVID summary from Robin.

Please note that some of the images that follow where taken prior to the Governments guidance for Care staff to wear masks.

I so hope that everyone, Residents, Relatives, Staff and your families are keeping well.

It is hard to believe that my last visit to Valerie Manor was 12 weeks ago on 13th March when John and I came to join everyone to celebrate Zoe’s birthday…. all of a sudden things changed!

Zoe and Alan had already been preparing for what was forecast to happen –  busily putting plans of action in place and discussing it with their Managers.

As ever the Valerie Manor Staff hit the ground running ensuring that everyone was in a safe environment and also determined to make sure Residents still enjoyed as normal a life as possible especially as loved ones were unable to visit.

I would like to share with those of you who are unaware of what ‘Life in Lockdown’ has been like at Valerie Manor over the past few months.

Staff have been going that extra mile to make sure our lovely ladies and gentlemen remain happy as well as safe.

The weather being so kind, has been a real bonus for both Residents and Staff to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air……..Ice Creams, Smoothies, Cream Teas and Pimm’s on offer!

The Daily Newsround is extremely popular, kindly provided by a family whose relative resided at the Manor for 5 years.  Your time and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.  In addition, as a ‘Thank You’ to Staff a wonderful performance of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ was performed on Flute and Trumpet by two members of the family.  An absolute joy to watch if you have not already seen it.

The look of love from a daughter to her father says it all!

In my absence Sally-Ann has been running the Exercises from the Chair in the garden!  Great music, great exercise, great fun!

  Sally-Ann also contacted St. Peter’s School, Henfield’s years 1 and 5 parents to request that their children either write a letter or draw a picture to send to Residents.  A lovely gesture very well received.


Mark coordinated the planting of Herbs and Sunflower Seeds, another special enjoyable activity.  Flower Arranging with Joyce is always a favourite……even better when you can do it in the sunshine!

Lucy organised some ‘Rainbow Making in keeping with the rest of the Country….lovely.  Bird Bingo, organised by Vikki has become a firm favourite Activity (don’t know if you call ‘house or nest!)

Zoe has taken on extra staff from the beginning of the shutdown.  We have 2 young gentlemen from ‘This is My Theatre’ as hospitality and Kitchen Assistants.  Simon and Ethan have been great additions to our ‘family’.  Simon is a Musical Director at This is My Theatre and has spent hours entertaining Residents and Staff alike with his Flute Playing around the gardens and building…everybody LOVING IT!

Ethan takes the Sunday Church Service for everyone Thank you both for all your hard work and enthusiasm and helping to put smiles on everyone’s faces!

Two more extra staff joined us when the Sussex Yacht Club had to lockdown……lovely girls this time…….Natalie and Rachel again working very hard with everybody.  Natalie on her Easter Sunday Day off coming back to join Residents and staff dressed as an Easter Bunny!   Thank you, girls, for your hard work and enthusiasm too!







A great Easter Programme was organised.  Carrie co-ordinated an Order of Service which had been provided by Reverend Emma and Shirley which Residents attended in the Conservatory and thoroughly appreciated.  Thank you, Carrie.

Rev’d Emma
Rev’d Shirley – Asst Curate







The Garden was ‘alive’ on Easter Sunday with Staff organising Games for everyone including ‘Bunny Bowls’.  Residents and Staff donning Bunny Ears and face paints.  Staff became very competitive during their Egg and Spoon Races which was thoroughly enjoyed by their spectators!

Everyone also enjoyed a beautiful traditional Simnel Cake which Alison managed to make even during this very busy time.  Thank you, Alison.

An absolute highlight was the VE DAY celebrations.  Arranged by Debs, Lucy and Karon, who were all dressed as Land Girls!

The afternoon was filled with lovely food, Pimm’s, Prosecco not forgetting the G & T!  The garden was adorned with Union Flag Bunting, the wearing of Union Flag Hats by Residents waving their Flags whilst raising a glass to remember this very special day.

A table was covered with memorabilia for all to see and reminisce.  Lovely smiles sharing Memories and Music provided by Simon and Ethan.

What more can I say about our Valerie Manor Staff that has not already been said?  You are all so very special working so hard for our Residents whilst supporting each other during these very difficult times keeping everybody safe and happy! 

We also celebrated Nurses day back in May.

Thank you also for the support given to everybody from our Residents’ Families.

Picture taken prior to COVID-19

Zoe, Alan, Debs and Lucy a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the results you have achieved together!

See you soon Robin and John (aka Muma and Papa Bates!) xx