Sunday’s Newsround

2nd August

Olympics Quiz

Which country leads the Parade of Nations at the Olympic opening ceremony?

A.   Greece, where the Olympics originated

B.   The host country for that year

C.   The country that won the most medals at the last games

Identify the Sport

On this day in history

2nd August 1932 – Carl David Anderson discovers the ‘positron’, the antiparticle to the electron

2nd August 1957 – The official UK Elvis Presley Fan Club was launched!

Yesterday’s answers:

Olympics Quiz – C. 72

Sport – Surfing

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Valerie Manor Newsround 020820

My family and I felt it was important that we did something that would support the community during these trying times. Our thoughts turned to Valerie Manor, where my grandma Muriel resided for 5 years. We have always had utmost respect for Zoe and Alan, the staff and the amazing work they do, and so wanted to find a way that we could help without compromising the safety of residents or staff.

We are all aware of the difficulties of occupying one’s mind and finding a distraction from the current situation, and these are only exacerbated by isolation from family and friends. Given that residents are unable to see their relatives or participate in the usual community activities at this time, we came up with the idea of producing a daily ‘news round’ that would include some interesting information and puzzles as an alternative to the more distressing headlines that bombard us on a daily basis.

It is our hope that we can provide a little light relief during these dark times and hopefully provide something to look forward to, as well as fostering a sense of community despite the confines of physical separation.