The first week with our POD open……

My word – I have not seen so many smiles for such a long time – the visitors POD really has changed the lives of our residents and relatives. It makes me incredibly emotional to hear some of the comments and read the emails that we have received in relation to people being able to have a more meaningful visit.

‘Just wanted to say that the Pod is a triumph! Everything worked perfectly – Mum could hear me clearly, and I could hear her fine. Since I had no mask, and could sit comparatively close – a normal distance, we talked much more naturally. I think a really big factor is that she was warm and comfy, so she seemed much happier and more talkative. I think it’s an amazing thing that everyone has done, and the structure itself is most impressive as well. So huge thanks to everyone, and I look forward to visiting Mum next week more than ever!’

‘Wow Zoe what a lovely experience it is in the pod. Just got back from seeing dad, it was so nice not to shout and keep repeating myself. Dad said nice to see your face. What a Credit the pod is to you and  everyone involved. Thank you, thank you so much. Can’t wait for my next pod experience.’

‘Just wanted to add my voice to the praise for the Pod. It’s really wonderful. Not having to wear a mask made a real difference – Mum could see when I was smiling at her. A wonderful achievement by all concerned. Well done! And a big thank you.’

‘I had my first visit in the pod today and it is FANTASTIC!  The audio equipment made a tremendous difference. My father was a bit doubtful about having headphones on but he soon forgot as we were able to have a conversation in a way we haven’t been able to enjoy for such a long time . Heartfelt thanks to everyone in Operation Pod – at last something good out of all this gloom and despair.’

‘Just to say, I had my first visit in the POD yesterday, all went very well, lovely to not be wearing the mask! ‘

Thank you to Jane for more artwork for the POD – stunning!