Happy New Year from Muma and Papa Bates!

A New Year Message to our Valerie Manor Staff

John and I would like to send HUGE CONGRATULATIONS & THANKYOUS  to ALL STAFF for your never ending dedication working so very hard keeping our Residents safe, well and happy over the past very difficult months.

It has been a long time and we really appreciate the many sacrifices that you have given both physically and mentally day in and day out.

We are not forgetting your own families that have given their support to you whilst you have been keeping the Valerie Manor ‘Family’ safe.

The extra mile taken to entertain our ladies and gentlemen has not gone unnoticed either!

We have received many lovely comments from families who are in awe of the way their close ones have been and continue to be looked after, from arranging safe visits outside in the Summer then recently in the POD to ‘Wear it Festive’ for St. Barnabas and making Christmas Decorations.

The smiles on faces when ‘dancing’ in the Conservatory speaks volumes.

The support received from the Community has been amazing.

This would only have happened because Local Businesses and residents are aware of what a lovely Home they have in their midst and appreciate, as we do, how hard  EVERYBODY works to maintain such a high level of Care.

I am sure there are not many Homes in the Country whose Owners have received a letter from their Member of Parliament to congratulate them and their Wonderful Staff for the way Valerie Manor has coped at such a difficult time!

We would like to thank you ALL for your continued support you give to Zoë and Alan.

We are very proud of you ALL and wish you and your families a very Safe and Happy New Year!

As Dame Vera would sing, ‘We’ll Meet Again!’,  hopefully in the not too distant future.

Very best wishes and love

Robin and John xx