Good News story..

How lovely that the first ‘internal’ visit was for someone’s 90th Birthday – our residents and staff made a banner to have the room ready for the special visit. As we are only able to have one internal authorised visitor the other siblings were able to have a window visit so their Mother got to see all her children on the same day albeit two of them at different times and outside.

The first visit in her room was I think the best birthday present my mother could have, and being able to see all 3 of us on the same day.

It was really important to her to get to 90 and we really wanted to be able to celebrate it with her. So it was very emotional for me.

The best bit about the visit was that there was no time pressure, and the knowledge that it would be happening again. It is very hard to put the emotion and relief to be able to do this, in to words.

I took this picture, her happiness shows in her face I think. (Daughter)