June Newsletter

Hello everyone

So we are all looking forward to our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and now we can confirm that we are going to have a party in the garden. We have a great jazz group called Jazz with Us who will be performing. Our residents have been involved in the decisions regarding the party and have given an interesting selection of song choices for the group to sing on the day. Now we’re just hoping for lovely weather I have read that we’re going to have a heatwave for the next 10 days so fingers crossed!

Our trips out in the jalopy have been very popular and you can see the pictures of all the enjoyment on our Facebook page. Our residents have chosen where to go on the outings and have given plenty more ideas of where to go and what to eat.

Outside on the patio we have a stone umbrella stand and we discovered that a blue tit has nested there. We have all enjoyed bird watching, the eggs have now hatched and the mother has been flying in and out feeding her babies. It is lovely to see the little mouths open waiting and hearing all the noisy chirping.