January Newsrounds #2

Name the British mammal

Quiz of 2020

EastEnders celebrated which anniversary in February 2020?




This week in history

12th January 1970 – The Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’ completes its first transatlantic flight from New York to Heathrow

Previous answers:

Mammal: Dormouse

2020 Quiz: 33 million

January Newsrounds #1

Name the British mammal

Quiz of 2020

To the nearest million, how much did Captain Tom Moore raise by walking laps of his garden for NHS Charities Together?

33 million

20 million

25 million

This week in history

8th January 1942 – English physicist Stephen Hawking is born in Oxford

9th January 1909 – Ernest Shackleton plants the British flag 112 miles from the South Pole on the Nimrod Expedition

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Anagram – Mince Pie

Gift – Hornby trainset

Valerie Manor receives COVID-19 vaccine.

As you can imagine we have been very keen to ensure our residents and wonderful staff receive a vaccine as soon as possible.

We were contacted during the afternoon on Friday to say Dr Newsome & Dr Sherwell from The Glebe Surgery in Storrington would be providing the vaccine on Saturday for the whole home.

This was a huge relief and the management team sprang into action, contacting all staff and allocating them a time to come in.

The Pod was utilised to vaccinate all staff  and then the team went inside the Home to provide it to the residents.

We are pleased to say that everyone who wanted the vaccine received it 21 residents and 38 staff.

This now means that we all have an extra layer of protection – let’s hope the nationwide roll-out continues to go well – maybe this is the first step towards normality?

Our sincere thanks to all involved in the delivery of the vaccine program, which is an extremely large undertaking with particular thanks to Dr Newsome, Dr Sherwell and Harry for their time on Saturday Morning and the team of vaccinators at the Glebe Surgery Storrington.

Wear it Festive.

The team at Valerie Manor wanted to make our residents Christmas as festive as possible, despite the COVID restrictions.

One of the many things they arranged was to ‘Wear it Festive’ in support of our friends and colleagues at St Barnabas House.

All of the finest Christmas jumpers, t shirts and other items of Christmas clothing were worn as well as huge smiles all around.

Thank you to everyone who took part of donated to St Barnabas.

If you would like to donate it is not to late!