Lets Dance Adults!


Let’s Dance! (Hassocks)…..Adults!

On Wednesday 12th December 10 of my lovely ladies from Let’s Dance performed a display for Residents.

We have been entertaining here annually from the first Christmas that Zoe came to Valerie Manor.

The ladies always say that it is the start of Christmas for them!

Residents donned hats and listened to Christmas music awaiting the 4.00 Performance.  The lovely staff making sure that everyone who wanted to attend were carefully seated around our ‘stage’….a Tap Flooring carefully laid by Alan….(tap shoes ruin flooring!)….when Zoe and Sally-Ann were younger John would put down a piece of hardboard on our kitchen floor for them to practise their tap dancing on…that was 31 years ago when I opened the School!

The stage was set…the first number was a Modern Dance set to Chris Montez’s ‘Let’s Dance!’…surprise surprise!  Residents and Staff clapping along…we then slowed things down a bit with a Contra Waltz music by Kenny Rogers….then the Cowgirl Twist Line Dance (I used to teach Line Dancing when it first became popular then it was overtaken by Salsa) again a real foot tapping, hand clapping number by the Woolpackers.  In between dance numbers a lovely lady who used to dance with me and did my Secretarial work,  Cathy, sang so that my ladies were able to change costumes….she gave a great rendition of ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse…’All My Loving’ by the Beatles and the lovely ‘On the Street Where You Live’ from My Fair Lady….many singing along to this one!

We were then treated to a Cha-Cha to ‘ Volare’ by the Gypsy Kings followed by a Tap number from Crazy For You sung by Judy Garland….’I’ve got Rhythm’  a Charleston went down a storm…’I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None ‘O’ This Jelly Roll’….sung by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer.  Four dancers showed their acting skills whilst tapping away to ‘Wouldn’t it be Loverly’ from My Fair Lady.

Everybody then went to get changed into their Lambeth Walk outfits…Pearly Kings and Queens!  Whilst doing so I put on my teaching hat and taught the Lambeth Walk to our lovely ladies and gentlemen from the chair….you may have seen earlier blogs where I have done this before with my Monday morning exercise group…..the ‘OI’S got louder as we went along!…great fun from a great

Show…Me and My Girl starring Robert Lyndsay.  All of the ladies then appeared to perform….the track was 4 mins and 10 secs long! 

We finished off with a tune that the school sing at the end of our Shows…Abba’s ‘Thank You For the Music’ before giving a bow and ending the proceedings.  Zoe providing Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Choccies for everyone!  Thank you Zoe.

Little Eddie came with Sally-Ann and a friend of his, Evalyn,  who is the daughter of one of the girls who used to dance with me…Simone, and the Granddaughter of Gayna one of our adult dancers!  We are very lucky to have a Let’s Dance Family as well as a Valerie Manor Family!  A huge THANK YOU to our lovely ladies who give up their time to come and entertain every year!

Now for a giggle….I asked Eddie which was his favourite number of the afternoon…he said…’Thank You For the Music’ I asked why and he said ‘BECAUSE I WAS IN IT NANNA!’ and yes he was!

All that is left to say is John and I wish all Residents, Staff and Families a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy New Year!

Robin and John xx          

Let’s Dance Children!


Robin and I brought a handful of our Lets Dance children along to Valerie Manor for our annual display. Many of the kids involved have danced here for years and say that the event itself (AND the mince pies and chocolate afterwards) really kicks off their Christmas time. We showed the residents some of our class based dance moves as well as a tap, ballet and modern dance display. We are always so happy to show the residents what we are up too and know that they enjoy us coming as much as we love being there! How lovely! Here’s to Xmas 2019! Sally – Ann