Ballroom Dancers!



A few months ago, we were approached by a couple of ballroom dancers who had visited other care homes in the area. With a promise to put on a show and include residents within their visit, we thought it would be a great opportunity to see what they had to offer. What a wonderful time we had! Emma and Rares danced beautifully around the conservatory and then managed to include some of our residents in wheelchairs, turning and parading around the space – how lovely! We will be sure to invite them back and very much look forward to seeing them dance again.

November Activities summary…..

Oh it has been so windy and wet of late…but it is November/December so it is to be expected!

We enjoyed a lovely morning on 11th watching the Remembrance Service with lots of our ladies and gentlemen and some visitors in the conservatory.

That prompted one of our Reminiscence Sessions….remembering the first and second World Wars.

One ladies parents came from Scotland and her father was in the Border Regiment….another’s father was in the Kent Regiment where the Cavalry horses brought guns to the troops….being part of the Artillery was another memory and later on in the Civil Defence.

Another memory this time from the second World War was a family member being in the Army and having shrapnel in his thigh….another husband was in the Navy clearing mines by exploding them ….then another husband flying in a Lancaster in the Airforce……one sailor travelling all over Europe had a nasty experience of a torpedo going under the ship and out the other side.

A lady remembers being evacuated to Stafford with her younger brother when she was 5 years old and was away from home for 2 years….some sad, some happy memories but memories all the same.

To lighten the mood I must let you know what really put a smile on everyone’s faces… of our lovely ladies had some visitors…..daughter-in law, granddaughter and great grand children!

I don’t know if any of you have seen the programmes on children visiting the elderly but my oh my it was absolutely amazing the way everyone was smiling on the arrival of the TWINS!! The little ones were so good and made everybody’s day by smiling and being an absolute delight….it truly made everyone’s day…thank you so much for visiting!

The run-up to the big day is on….lots going on at the Manor do join us when you can.