December Activities Summary



IMG_0832Phew !!! what a whirlwind of a month December was for everyone Residents and Staff alike !

Lots going on as ever starting with dear Marmalade and her army of helpers decorating Valerie Manor which really entered us into the Festive Spirit…then whoosh…Singers, Dancers, Carol Services, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies, Presentation of the lovely Christmas Cake, then more Mulled Wine and Mince Pies. For all of the fore mentioned please see the separate articles and photographs.

A huge THANK YOU to Zoe and all of her staff for once again going that extra mile to make the Christmas before, during and after so very special for everyone. All working so very hard always with a smile on their faces. I am amazed at Chris and other Hospitality Staff who coped with the continuous nibbles and drinks that were served!

It was lovely to see so many relatives and friends sharing our special times. Great for the Residents but also for the Staff. I met quite a few people that visited from far away which was lovely…I met a lovey lady whose name was Robyn Bates !!! how spooky is that. Both she and her family member were visiting from Scotland !

Now onto a little Reminiscence Session that we enjoyed after our usual Monday Exercises….We discussed our favourite Christmas Gift received many years ago…Oh my first bike was the first memory…a metal fire engine, a Jar of Nivea Cream, Metal Roller Skates, when a resident was 5 she remembers seeing a pair of silver sparkly shoes in a shop and on Christmas morning excitedly found them wrapped up under the tree ! A Chocolate Machine was also a favourite..memories of small presents on the dining table at tea time….waking up in the night to feel and guess what was inside the pillow case at the bottom of the bed…A BEAUTIFUL TEDDY ! much treasured.
When one of our staff was 7 she remembers a Plastic Train that she pulled along on a string and really loved it ! another member of staff remembers her Skate Board.

That is about it for December…Long may the hard work and support continue that makes Valerie Manor such a very special place !
John myself and our family would like to wish all Residents, Staff and Families a very Happy Healthy New Year.
Robin xx

November Activities Summary 2015

Brrrrr…..I have just been blown into the bungalow by very strong winds and driving rain !
BUT IT IS THE END OF NOVEMBER so we really must not complain.

Having said that it was very warm at Valerie Manor this morning with the sun shining in through the windows which was great whilst we were making Christmas Wreaths !!
Our lovely Catherine brought in a friend…Elaine…both loaded with Holly, Firs, Pine Cones, Baubles, Ribbons, Glitter Paint and two Oasis Wreaths. The Conservatory resembled a Christmas Grotto !
Led by Catherine and Elaine Residents were assisted by Staff to decorate the wreaths. Look out for them when you are visiting.
As it was St.Andrews Day and we felt it was a bit early for Christmas Songs we worked along to The Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Catherine even bought Tartan Ribbon to mark the event. A lovely time was enjoyed by all. We would like to thank Elaine for bringing most of her garden foliage and giving her time and energy to a lovely Activity….appreciated by everyone.

During one of our discussions a Carer suggested a topic of Fashion Gone sooner said we were remembering…Gym Slips, Red Sashes, Black Stockings, P.E. Skirts and Tops, Big Belts & Bell Bottom Trousers and very high heels ! Not to forget being allowed to wear long trousers at school when you turned 12, until then it was grey Flannel Shorts
Another memory was of Long White Wedding Dress that had been made which had lots of lace on it…the lady in question married in 1939 in London and after her wedding lent her dress out to friends to wear on their Wedding Day.

Back to Music….We enjoyed one gentleman having found one of his favourite tunes…Padstow Lifeboat…an Instrumental which was lovely. One of the Resident’s daughters was visiting when we were talking about individual’s favourite music. One of her father’s favourite was ‘When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New’ Nobody had heard of it but the search was on ( she did say it would make her father cry but that is what music does) Family time again…our son was visiting and John and he found it…He went home and sent it over to John who recorded it onto a CD for me to take the following Monday. The original would have been in the early 40’s but this version was recorded in 1967 by Jimmy Roselli….not a dry eye in the house ! We also listened to another favourite request..Glenn Miller.
The countdown is on for the BIG DAY ! lots going on for those who wish to take part…hopefully see you at one of the get-togethers.

Bye for now

October Activities Summary 2015

Hello again.

So much going on at Valerie Manor…a huge Congratulations to Zoe, Collette and Nilly for their Awards.

A wonderful visit from Louise Goldsmith…Leader of the WSCC who enjoyed a ‘hands on’ afternoon with everyone. John and I knew that Zoe was being interviewed on Radio Sussex regarding the visit…it is difficult to receive local radio at our bungalow so we ended up sitting in the car on the drive listening ….ooh not a dry eye between us ! As ever very proud of Zoe and her wonderful Team.

We continue our usual Exercise from our Chairs on a Monday but due to sniffs and coughs we have been depleted over the past couple of weeks…one week I had a ‘private’ one to one with a lovely lady ! We enjoyed the session with music afterwards !

We celebrated National Spanish Day with Decorations, Spanish Meats and Olives washed down with some Spanish Wine whilst listening to traditional Spanish Music.

Some Spooky tasty treats were enjoyed on Halloween and lots of outings with staff.

Please see our separate articles of everything that is happening….you will be worn out !

Hope to see you on 5th November !