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South East Regional Palliative Care Award for the Team!

I am delighted to announce that the Valerie Manor Care team were awarded the South East Regional Award for Palliative / End of Life Care.

Staff really pride themselves in the care that they deliver and the support they offer not only to our residents but to their family and to each other as well.

We have been part of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) since 2012 and have a Platinum status with a score of 50/50 of which we are very proud of! The Core Team and Champions help to continuously improve what we do at Valerie Manor and also support other staff who are more junior. It is not just the nurses or the care staff but the whole team including office staff, housekeeping staff and hospitality staff who want to take on further learning to support our residents and their families along with their colleagues – This is why I have chosen to nominate the whole team and not one individual.


Work experience – Chris

The reason for me working here this week is because I want to learn how to care for those who have been struggling. I study health and social care at college which is the reason I get to work at Valerie Manor again (even though I may not have been able to help or do something because of being untrained in certain areas) I feel what I have been able to learn and do has been an important experience. Learning to talk with the residents has also helped me understand what some people go through in their lives and what they need now.