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Management Profiles

Zoë - Owner/Manager

Zoë Fry | Owner

Valerie Manor’s owner, Zoë Fry, is a qualified nurse with extensive experience in the health industry both as a nurse and as a manager in providing care and managing large numbers of staff.

Her knowledge of the nursing home industry has grown over recent years through personal experience. This has proved to be invaluable as she always ensures that the care provided at Valerie Manor is no less than would be expected for a member of her own family.

“I’m here to ensure all the residents’ physical, social and emotional needs are met at all times. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you need any further information or help – you will find my details on our contact us page”

Alan Fry | Owner/Director

In his role of Director Alan and Zoe work closely together dealing with the strategic areas of the home whilst providing support to the management team

Having previously worked for many years in the Financial Services Industry, he has been able to employ a lot of his administration experience to Valerie Manor. He is always willing to assist if you have any questions!

Debs Goodman  | Manager

I have been nursing since 1980 with only a short time away from nursing when my children were small. I have worked in Nursing Homes and hospitals over the years and more recently in 2007 I changed my career slightly and worked for Sussex Police as a Forensic Nurse Practitioner in custody. I worked there for 9 years which was very interesting although not always rewarding.

In 2017 I came to work at Valerie Manor as a bank nurse and within a week I decided to work here full time and then within a year was given the role of Deputy Manager. This has been a big challenge but a role that I thoroughly enjoy doing and I love working here as part of the special Valerie Manor team.

Lucy Knight | Deputy Manager

After leaving college at 18 I found a lovely little stop gap job at a place called Valerie Manor. Now nearly 19 years later that little stop gap job has had become a huge part of my life, my second home. Caring for the elderly is now my passion, getting to know all the residents and helping make sure all their needs are met is of upmost importance to me. There is nothing better than seeing someone thrive from the care they receive from such a dedicated team of people.

Emma Wood | Care supervisor and On Call Manager

I have worked at Valerie Manor for 12 happy years! I love being part of the Valerie manor family! I enjoy providing the best possible care to our residents. I have been working in the care industry since I was 18 years old. My mother is a carer and I went to help her after school. My grandmother became ill and went to live in a residential care home where I visited her all the time, it was then I knew this was the job I wanted to do. I aim to give my all to the residents and staff at Valerie Manor and to develop my caring skills for the future.

Sheri Hodgson | Care supervisor and On Call Manager

I have worked at Valerie Manor for 10 years (since May 2009) which was my first job in Care. During this time I have gained a great deal of experience and also studied and obtained my NVQ Level 2 and level 3 Diploma. I have become part of the management team which I am very proud to be part of.