December’s activities summary


I do hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year…..lovely to see so many Relatives and Friends at the various events over the Christmas period.

I would like to commend the Staff as ever going that extra mile to make sure everyone enjoyed the Festive Season.

When John and I arrived just before Christmas to see a couple of Elves skipping around the Car Park and Garden we did a double take then realised it was dear Zoe and Alan ‘doing their thing!’

WONDERFUL!  The smiles on the faces of everybody said it all!

On the run up to the big day so very many Events and Entertainment were enjoyed by everyone which was great.

I had a couple of Mondays doing my usual exercising from the chair followed by some ‘Brain Teasers’…..Affinities e.g. Fords and Pontiacs are Cars,  Harvard and Yale are Universities….Matched Sets e.g Sink or Swim, Salt and Pepper, Sticks and Stones….Triads e.g. Snap Crackle and Pop, Lock Stock and Barrel, Animal Vegetable and Mineral to name just a few….as ever any Staff and Visitors around join in which is great!

We did a Christmas ‘Sensory Sight Identification’…12 Christmassy Items were put on a tray and covered up after everybody had looked at them.  We then went to each individual to ask what if any items were remembered….the result was quite amazing!

We discussed memories of treasured Christmas Gifts from childhood….A Board of Coloured Beads to make Patterns,  a favourite Book on Ballet by Anna Pavlova,  Spinning Top, Balls which were used to play against a wall (I loved this when I was young playing onsie/twosie/one leg/the other leg etc on my dear Dad’s Shed wall!)  one memory was of an elephant made by the visitors father’s father a very long time ago!

Here is to a very Happy, Healthy 2020!

Robin x

Octobers Activity Summary

Hello, sorry this October Blog is late but the family have just returned from a lovely week in Polperro, Cornwall.

We had a great time although it is the first year in 20 that we had such bad weather…..John found a nail in one of our tyres on the Thursday before we were due to travel on the Friday so we could not start our journey until that was fixed on Friday morning…..a lovely local chap from Steyning who comes to you to sort the problem.  Thoroughly recommended we have used him a couple of times.  It took John and I eight hours to reach Plymouth on the Friday evening where we stay overnight to have a meal and carry on to Polperro the following day to meet the family. 

On our last night in Polperro the wind was Force 6 gusting 9…..absolutely frightening but spectacular!  

I mentioned to the lovely lady in the local shop about it being the worst weather we had experienced…..her reply was….’have you a log burner? Have you a sea view?  In answering yes to both questions she just said….’well that is Cornwall’ ….and she was right….it was October after all!

Back to the Manor….After exercising we usually play some requested music…..Jim Reeves, Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald were among the suggestions.  One gentleman requested The Last Night of the Proms…no sooner said than done John was on the case and ordered it for the following week which was thoroughly enjoyed.

We enjoyed ‘Rhyming Slang’….again lots of fun guessing the answers……memories of a grandad of one of our Carers who used to use the Rhyming Slang was great….we then got talking about Dick Van Dyke and his  rendition of a Londoner in Mary Poppins.

As I have mentioned before it is lovely when a family member is visiting and joins in the Reminiscence Session. 

One Resident was telling us about being at the BBC (may have mentioned this before)  but much more information came about….his son was visiting and told us about two tunes his father had written.

He said that on his next visit he would bring in a CD that had been converted from a reel to reel tape recorder (remember them?…I still have one!)  he brought in the CDs and we played them….the tunes were called….’Runaway Bells’ and ‘Tango Sylvanna’  his father did not know this was going to happen and his face was an absolute picture of delight when he heard his music!  We then found out that both tunes were recorded on 19/12/74 in Mono and Transmitted by the BBC  Orchestra in Stereo on 3/1/75 and the music was arranged by a G. French and the Conductor was Frank Chacksfield.

I hope I have all the details correctly gathered as I tend to write as the Reminiscences flow!

I then mentioned having found a Ticket for an 11th Annual Display by the Beryl Peters School of Dance at the Wimbledon Town Hall on Wednesday 11th May 1961 at 7.15….ticket price 4/6 (I was performing!)  Our lovely gentleman then told us that he had performed at the venue with the Wimbledon Lyric Players! 

One Resident requested,  during a Residents Meeting, a DVD Film showing on Sunday afternoons…..we have lots at the Manor please take a look in the Library to see if there is a film that your relative would like to see and let us know.  We do ask for Film requests but have not had many takers so far.

That is all for now….am looking at the beautiful autumn colours as I am writing this.


September Activities Summary…

Brrrr!  I am a little late this month so sorry!  But as I am writing this John has put the HEATING ON !  I cannot believe the quick change in temperature.

Here we go…this is what we were up to on Monday mornings in September;

When I arrive on a Monday morning I am given a lovely coffee to join the lovely ladies and gentlemen already in the Conservatory where we have a chat an put the world to rights!

Slowly we are joined by more Residents ready for our Exercise and Reminiscence Session followed by listening to music that has been requested the week before.

On the first Monday of September it was a lovely day and we had the conservatory doors open with the sun shining in and Reuben and Eddie playing outside (it was an inset day so they accompanied Nanna to Valerie Manor!)

After the Exercising to an Aromatherapy CD we listened to some music from the ‘Wellington Whalers’…….a CD purchased on the Raft Race Day at Shoreham where Zoe, Alan and their friends completed the Race coming third!  A lovely day and some lovely music from the Wellington Whalers who were performing live on the day.

I passed around another CD and asked for requests….Reuben came in at that point and looked at the music and said ‘can we have When the Saint Come Marching In’  I was so impressed by his knowledge of an old tune until he said it was the Anthem of Southampton Football Club!……I should have known better.  Made us all giggle.

Another week we started talking about cars being prompted by my experience in an Electric London Black Cab!…..very quiet….very smooth!  The vehicles that were owned were remembered as, a grey and blue Hillman Minx (my dear dad used to have a green one) an Austen A7, a Honda Civic, Range Rover, a VW Dormobile with sliding doors and one resident had a Lambretta .

We sometimes have a Genera Knowledge Quiz always having someone answering  albeit Residents, Staff or visitors!   Can you name ALL of the 7 Dwarfs?…..they did!

When asking about Henry Vlll’s wives a lovely lady told us how she remembered how many and what happened to them….Divorced/Beheaded/Died/Divorced/Beheaded/Survived!  I learn something new every week!

Keep warm and dry!


August Activities Summary……

September already….where does the time go?

I think the worse thing is that it is getting darker earlier….I know our lovely ladies and gentlemen feel the same!

Everyone absolutely loved the visit from the animals…..some wonderful photos with a snake wrapped around a gentleman’s neck like a scarf!!!!…..not for me….a baby hedgehog to name a couple.

We had just three weeks of exercising from our chairs due to the Bank Holiday Monday.

We have enjoyed discussions on favourite holiday destinations…..Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Tenerife, Lanzarote and one resident having lived in Kenya for 3½ years, due to her husband’s job,  having remembered flying with East African Airways.

The reminiscences were prompted by a Quiz…’World Vacation Spots’  ….17 Questions some easy some not so….e g ‘what is the only human built structure that can be seen from the moon?’

(The Great Wall of China)…..’what City has a tall building that looks like it would fall down one day?….(Pisa, Italy).  The only question that nobody could answer was….’Charles Boyer said :Let me take you to the Casbah;….Where is it?….(Algiers!)   but I think 16 out of 17 is quite a good result.

I took along my Len Goodman’s Ballroom Bonanza cd…..Residents, Visitors and Staff were great at naming many various singers and musicians including…..Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Alma Cogan (a real blast from the past!) Mantovani & His Orchestra as well as Tommy Dorsey!  Again proving what wonderful memories are awoken by music.

As promised we had a Greek Theme morning exercising with Greek Music….no throwing plates!…..Reuben and Eddie were with me and helped decorate with Greek Flags and Bunting.  They then helped serve nibbles of Feta Cheese and Olives followed by Greek Delights 

See you next time