February Activity Summary!

February came and went in a flash!

On Monday 4th February we celebrated Chinese New Year of the Pig! We exercised to Chinese Music and enjoyed finding out which Animal Year we were born in…..we had Snake, Tiger, Rabbit, Monkey, Rooster and Rat!!!!  It was fun reading out the meanings of the various animals from the Chinese Zodiac. We finished the morning enjoying Prawn Crackers and a Sweet Chilli Dip!

Lots of lovely sunshine which really made everyone very happy….the Snowdrops were an absolute delight at the Manor,  our lovely Residents and visitors delighted to see them pop their heads out of the ground so early…due to the warm weather.

Regarding flowers at Valerie Manor we love having fresh flowers in our bud vases for the dining tables for those Residents who eat in the Restaurant or Conservatory.  For those Residents who choose to have a meal in their room the lovely staff add a bud vase to the serving trays…..a lovely touch don’t you think.

You will be aware that because of the temperature that has to be maintained for our Residents that unfortunately many flowers do not last as long as they would in our homes…..carnations are quite good but a number of our lady Residents whilst chatting on a Monday morning suggested……Alstroemerias…..(yes I did have to look the spelling up in my dear late Mother-in-Law’s ‘Percy Thrower’s Everyday Gardening Book’!)   these flowers are commonly known as the Persian Lily…..the ladies said that they really last so I was on a mission to find them…and guess what…I did and they do!  They are not always available but when they are I get them on a Monday in bud and they last until the following Monday…our ‘bud vase’ day!  I try to take them up before Supper at 5.00 when a few Residents join me having a chat and a giggle whilst arranging the flowers.

Still exercising on most Monday mornings at 11.30….we have very relaxing music….Aromatherapy Wellbeing, Zen Garden, Nature’s Harmony, Tranquil Waters…to name a few titles.  We like to encourage our ladies and gentlemen to join in as we all know it is so beneficial to keep moving.   I know that a couple of the ladies do the exercises on a regular basis in their rooms.

Mind Benders….we had Similies….for example….as fresh as a (daisy)….as neat as a (pin)….we also had ‘Name a Girl/Boy/Flower/Fruit/City/Town’  beginning with a certain letter…which was not as easy as it sounds!

Again favourite Musicals were requested and we enjoyed a lovely Sing-a-Long with Max Bygraves…the favourite being….A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square.

The lovely twins visited their Great Grandmother again with their mummy and nanna much to the delight of everyone…..smiles all round!

Bye for now.


January Activities Summary

Brrrrrrr!!! Hope you are all keeping nice and warm.

January has seemed to have come and gone in the blink of an eye!

Busy as usual at the Manor…our lovely Residents have enjoyed Flower Arranging with Joyce and Sam as well as many varied visits and entertainment.

We have enjoyed a couple of ‘Mind Benders’ sessions after our exercising from our chairs…..Triads being one of them with our ladies and gentlemen calling out the answers of the third word….e.g. Animal, Vegetable and …….Mineral.   Butcher, Baker and…….Candlestick-maker.   Snap, Crackle and……Pop.  There was only one that none of us had heard before….Winken, Blinken and……Nod.

There were 21 examples and 20 were answered correctly!

We also had….Name a Song Sung by different singers.  Again we had 20 artistes on our list including….The Batchelors, Max Bygraves, The Andrews Sisters and Judy Garland to name just a few.  We had correct answers for every one!

We could not let ‘Special Christmas Gifts’ and memories from years gone by at Christmas be left out of our Reminiscence Session so here we go….A red ball, Spinning top, Skipping Rope with wooden handles with ball bearings in….a baby doll…..Christmas Stockings and Pillow Cases…..an apple, orange and new Penny…..a Teddy which over the years lost most of its fur.

We also remembered silver coins put into Christmas Puddings…..not now…Health and Safety!!!

One gentleman remembered gathering around a piano having a sing-song…his father Tommy having had Pints of Beer lined up on the top!  Hope none were spilt!

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration ‘Rabbit Hole Club’ for Zoe’s 11th year at Valerie Manor…see separate photos and write-up.

Wonderful food prepared by Preeda and Steve not forgetting the Cake made also by Preeda.  Lovely staff looking after everyone both Residents and Visitors on the evening.   Many ‘old’ faces joining us on this special occasion too!  Wonderful to see so many of you Celebrating with us…thank you.

A huge Congratulations Zoe from Mum and Dad…..not forgetting the never ending support, hard work and care from dear Alan and her wonderful staff.

November Activities summary…..

Oh it has been so windy and wet of late…but it is November/December so it is to be expected!

We enjoyed a lovely morning on 11th watching the Remembrance Service with lots of our ladies and gentlemen and some visitors in the conservatory.

That prompted one of our Reminiscence Sessions….remembering the first and second World Wars.

One ladies parents came from Scotland and her father was in the Border Regiment….another’s father was in the Kent Regiment where the Cavalry horses brought guns to the troops….being part of the Artillery was another memory and later on in the Civil Defence.

Another memory this time from the second World War was a family member being in the Army and having shrapnel in his thigh….another husband was in the Navy clearing mines by exploding them ….then another husband flying in a Lancaster in the Airforce……one sailor travelling all over Europe had a nasty experience of a torpedo going under the ship and out the other side.

A lady remembers being evacuated to Stafford with her younger brother when she was 5 years old and was away from home for 2 years….some sad, some happy memories but memories all the same.

To lighten the mood I must let you know what really put a smile on everyone’s faces…..one of our lovely ladies had some visitors…..daughter-in law, granddaughter and great grand children!

I don’t know if any of you have seen the programmes on children visiting the elderly but my oh my it was absolutely amazing the way everyone was smiling on the arrival of the TWINS!! The little ones were so good and made everybody’s day by smiling and being an absolute delight….it truly made everyone’s day…thank you so much for visiting!

The run-up to the big day is on….lots going on at the Manor do join us when you can.



October Activities Summary………

Hello…I hope you all enjoyed the lovely late sunshine in October.

Two favourite activities at the Manor are Flower Arranging and Knitting…..Joyce has been leading these activities for years!!….Thank you Joyce.

As ever lots of music has been enjoyed over the month….most of our residents have a passion for musicals….Carousel was requested as was Anything Goes.

Again I am absolutely amazed and delighted when most join in with the songs….remembering all of the lyrics…..’If I Loved You’ was a favourite along with ‘June is Busting Out All Over’ and ‘When the Children Are Asleep’  and of course the title song from ’Anything goes’…..feet were a tapping!

Our gentleman who entertains us by playing the piano was telling us about the time that he worked for the BBC as an Orchestral Librarian and provided all the music for the Studio Big Bands….we just have to mention a song and he almost always remembers who sang or wrote it!

We had a chat about the Royal Wedding which prompted a reminiscence about our own weddings…..one in Beckenham with 2 Bridesmaids in apricot and herself having a small train on her dress.

Another in Chiswick, London just after the war where a dress was borrowed from her sister….being hard to come across a veil one was made out of netting….there were 2 Maids of Honour one in peach and one in blue and roses were carried….Pareham was a memory of another bride where a pale blue suit with royal blue stars was worn and a white prayer book carried.  (this may have actually been during the war)….Camden Road in South London was another memory where red and white roses were carried.

Then all of a sudden there was a scream followed by lots of laughter!……a Carer saw a huge spider climbing up the wall…..even the two male Chefs came to see this ‘enormous’ ?? creature and possibly save us!……dear Linda just took a glass…covered the spider and took it outside without any fuss whilst we had a real giggle!…..we did not want anything squashed especially on Richard’s newly painted wall!

Another topic which was prompted by the reports about Recreational Grounds being removed or built on….remembering where we played as children…Beckenham Recreation Ground where there were slides and swings, a park in Ellington Road Ramsgate, Wivelsfield Recreation Ground, a park opposite woods in Coulsdon and Ravensbury Park in Surrey where there were lots of ducks! (I used to visit there too when I was young!)

We finished off the month after our Exercising with listening to The Polperro Fisherman’s Choir….the first song was Sailing….our lovely gentleman who I spoke about earlier remembered it was originally sung by Rod Stuart!

Most of the family spent a lovely half-term in Polperro….sun shining, a boat trip to Looe with everybody,  Zoe and Alan did lots of walking as well,  John and I walked to Talland Bay from Polperro over the cliffs with Sally-Ann, Mike and the boys….phew lovely but very steep up and down!  The boys went crabbing and even went in the sea it was so warm!  Whilst all this was going on our son made a call to let us know he had just delivered a new baby daughter!! (home birth and before the Midwife arrived!)…..needless to say we all had a celebratory drink!  A new little sister to Jasper and Willow and cousins to Reuben and Eddie….new addition is called Pixie Robin!……

Bye for now…see you soon