May Activities Summary!……..

Sunny sunny sunny May!

I do hope everyone enjoyed the sunniest month of May for a long time and did not get caught up in the floods!

The highlight of the month must have been the Royal Wedding…well it was for most of the Residents and Staff at Valerie Manor.

Union Flags everywhere….John even put my old Guiding Flag Pole up with a large union Flag….on strict instructions from our lovely carer Linda to ‘make sure it is the correct way up or you will have my husband complaining’!!! (he used to be in the army!)  bunting with Harry and Meghan’s photos on….red white and blue plates, napkins, balloons, cake stands and table sprinkles!!!

Most of our lovely Residents who wished to see the proceedings gathered in the Conservatory and at 12.00 enjoyed a glass Pimms to get us in the celebratory mood then after the Service most of us had a glass of champagne to toast the lovely couple!

As ever our lovely Alison and Steve prepared a special Buffet Lunch, cleverly using a British and American Theme in honour of the now Royal Couple….absolutely yummy!

John and I were looking after Reuben and Eddie that morning….the boys played football outside for a while but then joined us inside to watch the proceedings… is great to see Residents faces light up when the boys arrive…they are quite comical and feel quite at home at Valerie Manor having both accompanied us at various functions from an early age.

When the two little page Boys were attending Meghan it reminded me of when our boys attended Zoe and Alan’s Wedding as page Boys….Sally-Ann asked Zoe to get a few Haribo Sweets for them to enjoy during the Service….Zoe being Zoe bought 2 huge bags and the boys had lots of energy!!! But very funny!

The day after the Royal Wedding gave us a subject for our Reminiscence Session…’What memories have you of your Wedding Day?’

Carrying Red Roses, another carried White Lilies and Red Carnations….white Carnations with a tint of Pink…..and Cream Roses.

One Resident remembers getting married in St. Paul’s Church in Beckenham in 1940…another married in Acton in 1948…in 1947 another married in a Church near Bridgewater, Somerset.

Getting married to his beautiful German wife by an English Army Padre in Lubeck was another lovely memory of a gentleman.

Ava Maria was sung at their wedding which hosted 105 guests for a sit-down Wedding Breakfast which had been catered for by the WRVS…in the evening the Sergeants’ Mess was laid out for dancing!

At 12.00 midnight the happy couple left the Reception and went to Hanover then by train to Berlin where they had to sit on the doorstep of his new wife’s mother’s house until she came home…they then had their second German Wedding!

Lovely memories for lovely people!


April’s Activity Summary!

My goodness where did April go….seems I’ve only just sent my March Blog!!

I do hope everyone is well and not too wet or sun-burned……last week we were exercising with the conservatory door open, shades down….some Residents sitting in the garden

Clare tending the beautiful flowers and dear Richard on his hands and knees sorting the patio weeds!  This week saw us shut away again watching the rain and the strong wind blowing through the trees with gusto!

Oh well that is our lovely Great Britain…they do say variety is the spice of life!

On the subject of variety we enjoyed listening to and singing along to some great songs from the Sunday Night Special CD….how many of you remember the ‘Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ ?

Lots of memories and smiles of ….Norman Wisdom ‘Don’t Laugh at Me (fantastic voice!)….Frankie Vaughan ‘Green Door’….a wonderful rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’  by Harry Secombe….one of our visitors reminded us it was the Liverpool FC Anthem….we tripped over our tongues with Max Bygraves ‘Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer’ another favourite was Flanagan and Allen ‘The Umbrella Man’  some Residents remembered they were a part of the Crazy Gang who appeared regularly at the Palladium….many times for the Royal Family.

On St. George’s Day there was a real buzz at the Manor with the news that Kate had gone into labour!!!  We missed the announcement as we were busy Exercising and having fun with a St. George’s Day Quiz.  I tried to get some red roses for the day but everyone had sold out!   I brought some bluebells from our garden instead…..lots of them about this year….beautiful.

This evening I took in flowers for the bud vases… lovely as two ladies and two gentlemen were still in the Restaurant. The two ladies offered to help with the arrangements before retiring to their rooms…lovely smiling faces and we had a real giggle as well.

We are due a sunny Bank Holiday…enjoy!


March Activities Summaries…….

It is 30th March…..Good Friday….so Happy Easter!

Blossom is covering one of our trees….the daffodils are standing proud….primroses and snowdrops looking very pretty….quite a few lambs have entered the world….lots more to come!

But where is the sunshine?  It seems to have been raining forever and pretty cold as well….could be worse though.  West Sussex was lucky enough to miss the really bad snow.

Sally-Ann phoned a couple of weekends ago asking if the boys could come sledging at Nanna and Grandad Roxwell’s  (those of you who do not know where we live the bungalow has a sloping front garden)

They arrived kitted out for the North Pole but unfortunately the snow was quickly melting but they had a good ‘slushy’ hour before heading off.

Back to business!….Again after exercising we enjoyed a Quiz and Music.  On the Monday after St. Patricks Day we played Michael Flatley’s  ‘Lord of the Dance’ music.  We then had a St. Patricks Day Quiz some of the questions were quite hard but we were lucky enough to have our lovely Irish Carer who certainly helped us out!

One of the questions was ‘what is a shillelagh?’….most of us knew but our dear Linda starting singing…..’With a Shillelagh under my arm and twinkle in my eye I’ll be off to Tipperary in the morning!’  some of us had heard the song years ago and to be sung by our lovely Irish lassie it was wonderful.  Another question was what is Colcannon… turns out to be a combination of mashed potato cabbage and kale….Linda told us of something quite yummy…Chump…mashed potatoes and spring onions! The Irish Comedy……Father Ted…..brought back fond memories.

Music time enjoyed by most singing along to….. If I Were a Rich Man from Fiddler On the Roof….My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music….Wouldn’t it be Loverley from My Fair Lady….Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz and Oklahoma which a resident remembers going to see at the Theatre Royal with her daughter.

Another week I took in another much older  CD….Great Stage Musicals….Strike Up the Band by Red Nichols 1930….S’Wonderful by Adele Astaire 1928 from Funny Face….On the Sunny Side of the Street 1930……They Didn’t Believe Me  ‘The Girl From Utah’ ….this was sung in the original 1914 Production by Julia Sanderson who 27 years later in 1941 recorded the version we listened to!

John and I will be joining our lovely Residents for the Easter Sunday Lunch…maybe see you there.


February Activities Summary!

It’s very white out there but very sunny which makes everything look really lovely!

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

After exercising one week we had a chat about Chinese New Year….Residents and Staff telling me which year they were born….I then told everyone which animal they were in the Chinese Horoscope…..we had Horses, Tigers, Rabbits and Rooster….having a real giggle together when one lovely lady was born in the year of the Dragon!!!   I read out the characteristics of the different animals much to the delight of everyone.

Another Reminiscence was where Residents worked in their earlier years…..we had a Fashion Sketcher who worked in London, a Nurse who worked in a Hospital In Edinburgh as well as many other Hospitals, another lady worked at the London Telephone Exchange….selling Clothing in Selfridges was another memory….another Telephone Operator worked in a small business….selling groceries in a General Store in Storrington brought back fond memories.  Joining in one member of staff left school at 14/15 and worked with her Nan who owned a Bowling Club….she returned back to school at 16 then had a home teacher 4 days a week!

As ever each week I ask for requests of Music for the following week…..musicals always seem to be a firm favourite and luckily with Let’s Dance I have many CD’s to cater for the requests!

We enjoyed singing along to South Pacific (well I cannot sing but the Residents and Staff make up for it!!)  Whilst joining in with Nothing Like a Dame many remembered the Morecambe and Wise version with the Newsreaders…..anybody remember that?  Wonderful wonderful routine!

We enjoyed another Show request of The Sound of Music…..I shall tell you one of the many things I love about the Valerie Manor Staff…..there was a new young lady who has not been with us for long and who I met for the first time.  When I played Do. Re. Me. she sat down and joined everybody singing away with a lovely smile on her face….she knew all of the words which I thought she would have been too young to know and she told us that she watched the film over and over again when she was little!!   How lovely is that! ….the Valerie Manor ‘family’ of Residents and Staff is great!

Bye for now